Coral is coming for ODB and we should be ready

Tomorrow, Vox is rolling out the new comment system that has killed a bunch of the NFL blogs on SBNation for the NBA blogs. I didn't realize this had happened to the NFL blogs, as I'm much more a basketball guy than a football guy, but in looking at the BattleRed Blog and a couple of others that I know used to be very active, the lack of comments now is deeply concerning. The difference between now and last July is shocking.

The new system has not been popular with users, and apparently has lots of issues which are detrimental across the board but especially for game threads.

Some Vox staff are in the NBA blog comments trying to quell some of the anger, and in The Dream Shake thread, I was told that they are looking at implementing the new system for college blogs next year, I would assume in the summer since they are aiming for doing it during off seasons.

The Dream Shake commenters are grappling now with what some alternatives could be, and I think it would be good for us at ODB to be thinking about alternatives ahead of time for when they force the change on the crew here. Maybe the comment system has been overhauled since they debuted it for the NFL teams, but judging by how dead a lot of those are, I'm not optimistic. We need to figure out how to continue to have conversations and support the ODB writers without a decent comments section this year so that we're prepared for next summer if it turns out the new system is still garbage.

Because I am not making an account over at sicem365 to talk about Baylor basketball lol. And ODB features some of the best actual reporting on Baylor men's basketball and football that's out there.

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