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Week 2: Other Games Thread

Fresno State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Week 2 brings another exciting week of football for fans. Once again there will be top ranked matchups and the Big 12 will play in some intriguing non-conference games against P-5 opponents.

Oregon vs. Ohio State — The PAC-12 did not have a great week in week 1, but the Ducks have a chance to redeem the conference a little bit. It’s an early 11:00 AM kickoff on FOX.

Iowa vs. Iowa State — It’s going to be a huge weekend in Ames. The Cyclones struggled against an FCS opponent last week, but have a chance to solidify themselves as true playoff contenders. It will be televised on ABC @ 2:30 PM.

Utah vs. BYU — If you can stay up for it, this one will be a fun one to watch for Baylor fans. You get to see Charlie Brewer try and lead his team in a rivalry game, and also watch a team that the Bears will meet up with next month. It’s a 9:15 kick off on ESPN.