Pack Mclane stadium!!! Bodies and eyeballs!!!

I am so tired of hearing about blue bloods, brands, and royalty. The Baylor Bears are the only royalty for me.

I am calling on Baylor Nation to pack McLane stadium for every game this season and show our fan support

for our great players, but also make a statement to the powers that be, that Baylor Nation is a passionate fan


I am going to get ESPN+ on a monthly basis and watch our games when not on my directv stations. I know,

I am not a big fan of ESPN either, its like paying the wolf who's watching the chicken coup. We need to make

a statement with bodies and eyeballs. Bodies in the stadium and eyeballs on tv.

I feel we have something special happening this football season. I love all the attention other teams are getting.

It will be that much sweeter when we take them down. Get ready to Sic'em!

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