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Gerry Bohanon & Jacob Zeno: Top 5 Moments So Far

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big 12 Championship Game

It’s true that the QB position for Baylor is a relative unknown for the 2021 season. And although no QB on the roster has recorded a career start, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their moments as backups. Below is a countdown of the best plays made by Gerry Bohanon and Jacob Zeno from their time on campus.

5.) Zeno to Platt (Big 12 Championship Game)

In the waning minutes of the 2019 Big 12 Championship game Jacob Zeno hit Chris Platt right in stride on a fly route to set the Bears up for a field goal. If Platt makes it in the endzone it’s probably #1 on this list.

4.) Gerry Bohanon 38 Yd run (UTSA)

Early in the 3rd quarter against the Roadrunners, Gerry Bohanon displayed his athletic ability for all Baylor fans to witness. Almost tackled for a sack, Bohanon was a able to stiff-arm, spin, and use his speed for an entertaining 38 yd run. He lost his footing on a cut-back, and if we would’ve scored it might’ve gone down as the best Qb run in Baylor history.

3.) Bohanon to Snead (K-State)

I think fans forget the first time that Bohanon was brought in during an intense situation. On a 3rd & 22 early in the 4th quarter against Kansas State in 2019, he threw a nice ball to RJ Snead who was able to break a few tackles for a first down. It was a gutsy call from the Baylor coaching staff. Charlie Brewer had just gone out of the game a play before and the Wildcats had a chance to turn the momentum of the game. Instead, the staff had confidence in Bohanon to throw and it paid off.

2.) Bohanon to Thornton (Big 12 Championship Game)

Things were looking bleak for the Bears for the most of the 1st half of the Big 12 Championship game. Charlie Brewer was sidelined with an injury and although the defense was doing everything they could to keep the Bears in the game, the offense just could not get anything going. Finally, on a 3rd and long Bohanon was able to throw a TD pass to Tyquan Thornton, putting the ball just out of the reach of the Sooner defender. The TD tied the game and gave hope to Baylor fans.

1.) Zeno to Ebner (Big 12 Championship Game)

Down two possessions in the 4th quarter, Jacob Zeno gave Bears fans a spark with one of the prettiest passes I have seen from a Baylor QB. I was sitting in the endzone right behind the play and got to witness the fantastic touch and accuracy on the pass to Trestan Ebner. Zeno was the 3rd QB to play in the Championship game and the TD felt like it cam out of nowhere. The roar of the crowd from Baylor fans at AT&T Stadium was unforgettable.