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Baylor Football Picks Up a Massive Commitment from Tenaha Linebacker Jeremy Patton

NCAA Football: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Football picked up an absolutely massive commitment from Tenaha, TX linebacker Jeremy Patton today. HEavily pursued by the likes of Texas, LSU, and Michigan, Patton profiles as a pefect modern inside backer. Enough speed to go sideline to sideline with great size to play at ~230, Patton will be a playmaker who can be a plus athlete both defending the run and the pass.

Patton was the district MVP from the small Tenaha, and his film demonstrates that he was a do it all guy. He clearly profiles as an inside backer, but has played everything from linebacker, safety, WR, and RB for his high school. I’ve droned on before about how much I love these small school guys who are ultra versatile, it just makes you a better football player in the long term, plain and simple.

And this is what makes Patton “different” as a prospect—he’s not just a great HS LB, he’s a great HS LB who plays multiple sports and dmeonstrates a variety of skills on the field. 6’2 guys who can effortlessly dunk between their legs like this are extremely rare:

After an extremely weird week of being a Baylor/Big 12/CFB fan, some thoroughly positive news like this is a real shot in the arm. Patton believes in Aranda’s ability to develop linebackers and he clearly believes in the direction of Baylor’s program. That’s a big win over the likes of Texas, LSU, and Michigan.

Sic ‘em!