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Ranking Baylor’s Schedule

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

In 2021 the Baylor football team will have the opportunity to play 7 home games and 5 away games. Below is a ranking of the schedule from the most difficult games to the easiest.

1.) Oklahoma - The Sooners will have a Heisman contender leading their explosive offense like always. The conventional offseason wisdom on Oklahoma is that they will also have an improving defense to go along with the offense. It is a home game for Baylor, however, and the two teams have played some exciting football in Waco over the last decade.

2.) @ TCU - An experienced upper-classmen QB for the Horned Frogs and a couple of stars on the defensive line could make it a long day for the Bears. The Bears escaped with a W the last time the teams met in Fort Worth, and for some strange reason Baylor seems to play better on the road than at home against TCU.

3.) @ Oklahoma State - This is one that might seem high on the list considering Baylor has taken 2 of 3 in Stillwater. But it will be the first big conference road test of the year (sorry Kansas) for the new Baylor QB.

4.) Iowa State - By far my most controversial pick. The Cyclones are heavy preseason favorites to play for a Big 12 Championship in December. And most polls will have them in the top-10 to start to the season. The Bears competed well against Iowa State last year and a hot September game may be an advantage for Baylor.

5.) Texas - The Longhorns will be bringing in a new head coach to Waco. A lot about their whole season depends on how the Qb battle turns out in Austin.

6.) @ Kansas State - The Wildcats were good a year ago when Skylar Thompson was healthy. Thankfully, because of their style of play, teams are able to hang around even when Kansas State is playing well.

7.) BYU - The Cougars lost a lot of pieces from the 2020 season, including the offensive coordinator. But BYU is usually a little more older and mature on the offensive and defensive lines. If Baylor isn’t improved up front on offense, the homecoming weekend may be ruined.

8.) West Virginia - Probably a must win game if Baylor is going to playing football in December. It will be two teams that are similar in talent level

9.) Texas Tech - Same exact conclusion as West Virginia. Coach Matt Wells is on the hot seat in Lubbock.

10.) @ Kansas - Fun fact—Baylor is the only state of Texas Big 12 team that has not lost in Lawrence in the past decade. Hopefully that trend continues in 2021.

11.) @Texas State - Baylor will breaking in a new starting QB and will have some first game jitters. Forget about any style points—Baylor just needs a victory. I’ve learned my lesson after the 2017 Liberty game.

12.) Texas Southern - SWAC opponent