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Kendall Kaut’s Book on Baylor Basketball’s Season Publishes April 20th—Order Now!

I wrote a book!

I wrote a book on Baylor basketball’s national title season.

The book is published by Triumph Books and will be released on April 20th. But we’ve had a ton of pre-orders, so if you want a copy, be sure to pick one up here:

Scott Drew was gracious enough to write the forward.

The book features new material on the Houston and Gonzaga games. Both feature tidbits that have not been told anywhere. It also features in-depth profiles and notes on the biggest moments of the season.

If you have trouble ordering online, the book will be available at many major outlets.

The Baylor bookstore will have many copies, but if you’re not in Waco, I’d strongly urge you to buy online.

If you buy online, I’ll ensure that I autograph the book someday! I’m hoping to be in Waco for a few days over the summer, and then I’ll be back several times this fall and winter. I’ll also be in Dallas and some other Texas towns too.

Thank you to everyone for the journey, and hopefully this book captures some of the best moments and biggest names from the run.