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Selection Sunday Thread: What To Watch For

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Oklahoma State vs Baylor Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday is one of the best days of the year for sports fans around the country. Because all games will be held in Indiana this year there might be a little less to analyze, but it’s still March Madness and all about the matchups.

1.) Will Baylor be looking at the potential of playing a Big 12 Team in a Sweet 16?

I’m writing this prior to Texas and Oklahoma State playing for the tournament championship, but I think the winner of that game locks themselves in with at least a 3-seed. That likely leaves, WVU, Texas Tech, and maybe the loser of the championship game as possible for 4/5 seeds.

2.) How much respect is given to the Big XII?

All season long the Big XII has been regarded as the 2nd best conference behind only the Big 10. Currently, the Bracket Matrix has three teams in the conference listed as 3-seeds. We will see if that holds.

3.) What time slot will the Bears get?

Obviously, this is mainly for the fans and something that won’t be determined until later in the evening. The enjoyability of March Madness depends a lot on when your team plays. It’s awful when you are slotted for the traditional Thursday/Saturday game with an early tip-off time and your team loses. It takes a while to be interested again. So I’ve always preferred playing on the 2nd day of the first round, and my general rule is to play as late as possible. Now, this year since is different. Because Baylor is going to be a 1-seed and has a high probability of winning the first round game, I’m okay with playing as early as possible. Get the game over with it and enjoy the rest of the day.