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Basketpod: Big 12 Champs Edition! (Guest Appearance from Evan Miyakawa)

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall and David look back at the Bears’ three game week which brought Baylor its first Men’s Basketball conference title in over 70 years and three more wins over ranked opponents including West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech.

Before turning to a great interview segment, Big 12 tournament picks are locked in.

The guys are also joined by Evan Miyakawa of to discuss the advantages and uses of advanced analytics. Evan explains the effect Covid related pauses have on teams, how his site is different from the other advanced stat sites out there, and what all goes into his approach. Be sure to check out his site and on twitter (@evanmiya) to play with all of the data he has available.

Go Bears and Sic Em!

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