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The 5 Best Road Wins of the Scott Drew Era

NCAA Basketball: Sam Houston State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard not watching the Bears play throughout the week. As fans continue to be patient, I thought it would be as good of time as any to have a nice trip down memory lane; especially coming off a great road win in Austin last week. The criteria for this list is true road games, rather than neutral site. There were plenty to choose from.

5.) Baylor @ Kentucky 2012 - I remember this game being a big deal at the time. The two teams had met up in the Elite 8 months prior and this early season matchup at Rupp arena had generated some excitement. Neither team did much the rest of the season and the game actually took place at the same time of the Baylor-Oklahoma State football game, so it’s kinda faded from memory.

4.) Baylor @ Texas 2021 - I’m putting this one on here for the time being. Look, if things continue (eventually) to go well for Baylor this season, it could quite possibly be the best win of the regular season. Obviously, Texas has fallen off in recent weeks, but at they’re still a solid squad that could make a run in the NCAA tournament. Plus, the Bears played some of their best basketball of the year in a game that the media hyped to be the toughest of the season

3.) Baylor @ Oklahoma State 2014 - This game literally saved that magical season. Baylor was an abysmal 1-7 in Big 12 play, and Drew was starting to feel the heat a little. Then the Bears exploded against a top-10 Cowboys team and got the season back on track; eventually leading to a Sweet 16. The play that stands out in my mind is Rico Gathers stealing a pass in the backcourt and then going the length of the floor for a slam. I’ll never forget the shock I had when that happened.

2.) Baylor @ Kansas 2020 - Two top-5 teams battling it out in a sold out arena on national television. Baylor had been close in Lawrence before but this time they finished the job. Unfortunately, fans from both schools never got to see the rubber match.

1.) Baylor @ Texas A&M 2008 - It’s been over a decade and this is still probably my favorite Baylor basketball game of all time. It took 5 OTs for Baylor to achieve the 116-110 victory over the No. 16 ranked Aggies. Of course we know the rest of the story. The Bears punched a ticket to the NCAA tournament in March and the program hasn’t looked back since.