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ODB Mailbag Big 12 Champs Edition - Answered

Given all the coaching carousel news the past few weeks

What kind of season(s) would Aranda have to have in order to be on the hot seat? The last coach we fired for performance was Guy Morris (RIP) and that feels like forever ago. Expectations have changed a lot since then.

Posted by Baylorpka06

Not only is CDA a great football mind and administrator, he is also a great culture fit for Baylor. Keep in mind, longevity in leading a dumpster program to elite success has been proven at Baylor by men’s basketball HC Scott Drew. This is not lost on Mack. The rope for termination might be a bit longer, but the seat would probably start to warm up with 3 consecutive sub .500 seasons and an unwillingness to change.

QB situation

Obviously GB is our starter for now, but how open do you think the competition will be in the Spring? Also, did you watch the Bama O game plan against Georgia D? That made me wonder just how good Shapen could be (playing the Bryce Young role) in a scheme like that. The kid seems as calm as Young, about the same size, and clearly has a quick delivery. My guess is we SHOULD HAVE a serious QB competition in our near future. Thoughts?

Posted by BrentBear

I think our coaches are comfortable with either starting. Word coming out of Spring and Summer camp was that it was a very close competition. GB brings fierce competitiveness, good game management, excellent legs, and strong arm to the table. Obviously he has more experience and is a proven winner. But Shapen proved in the Big 12 Championship game that he is ready to take the stage as well. He is cool in the pocket and has a strong arm (which is why major league scouts drool over him as SS). He’s not as athletic or as good of a runner as GB, but he is still athletic and an intuitive runner. He too is now a proven winner or a huge stage. The QB competition should be open in the Spring. This is probably the best answer I can think of

Historic Accomplishments by Baylor Athletics

BNT, has any team in the Big 12 ever held the football, MBB, and WBB titles at the same time, like our Baylor Bears currently do? Or has any team won a MBB natty and been in a NY6 in the same year?

I can’t believe how good our athletic programs are for me to be asking these questions!

Posted by FunkycoldMD

What will our final ranking be at the end of bowl season…

After winning the Big 12 title and curb-stomping Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl?

#5, but #1 in our hearts.

Follow-up: What rationale will they use for leaving us out of the pre-season top 25 next year?

Posted by Oso Burrito


And what will Texas be ranked?

Posted by dOols II

At the end of the season? Last.

Ole miss actually has a better strength of schedule than Baylor

But how do the two worst teams on their respective schedules compare?

Posted by dOols II

Let me start by answering comparing signature wins. Ol’ Miss - wins over two 8-4 teams and one 7-5 team. BU has wins over 3 top 15 teams. Now specifically to answer your question, our worst team unfortunately is UT. This would trump any worse team that they played.

Do you think if Gerry struggles in the Sugar, even just a little,

CDA might put Shapen in? Or, do you think it would make any sense to alternate between the two as a planned strategy, maybe just to keep OM off balance?

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

I don’t think he will struggle as he is a perfect QB to face their very average D and will be very prepared. Having said that, if he does I think you could see a QB change during the game.

Predictions for Texas vs Vanderbilt in the Zillow Work From Home Bowl?

Sola Gratia, Sola Fide In Christo Solo

Posted by joshsm07

I’ll let one of our members answer this as it’s funny, but true.

Vanderbilt will win this, partly because they’re smarter.

But mostly because the Longhorns will be on mute the whole time without knowing it, much to Vandy’s delight.

Posted by westjef

Which Senior players will come back for year 5?

Kalon Barnes

JT Woods

Tyquan Thornton

The above players highlighted Rhule’s 2018 “class of speed” in his 2nd recruiting class if I’m not incorrect. Any chance that some would opt for one more year? All are NFL capable but probably project as low draft picks at best.

Posted by BearlyConscious

I would love it if they all did, but my gut says none. Man, that’s a talented group. I really don’t know.

Precisely what is the scientific criteria for the Year of the Bear?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Scientific experts tell us that Green is now the standard!

Would you start to be worried

If HCDA doesn’t sign an extension this week? This Wednesday, it will have been two weeks since the report came out that Aranda was supposed to sign a contract extension “within the next two weeks”.

I know he’s said many times he wants to be here, but actions speak louder than words…

The Oregon job is open. If they take Chip Kelly (again), UCLA would be open.

Posted by Patheticus

Print it in 6” letters

Dave Aranda Isn’t Leaving!!!

Can we get a “Best Play of the Year Award”?

In no particular order my nominations:

Against OSU ptII: “This Goal they will not have”

Against BYU: “Abram gets a little help from his friends”

Against OU: Caleb Williams has the ball it’s 3&24 and he still wakes in the middle of the night saying “Oh God there’s another Bear!!” (Alternatively “Bryson Jackson is gawdam invincible”)

Feel free to add your own

Posted by dOols II

Best play hands down is what we now and forever more will refer to as the McPlay

How many bowl games

Can the big 12 afford to lose? Wins in bowl games are how conferences build their reputation. I don’t want to see our conference fall behind even more in national perception.

Posted by JustinAllison16

Good question, but unfortunately it won’t matter as the sports media will continue to make excuses for and prop up the SEC and B1G.

How much will Baylor have to pay their O linemen

to ever get another recruit? $200k annually?

Come on down Big Fellas …

Horns with Heart, the first charitable NIL entity, is proud to sponsor the Pancake Factory. Starting 8/1/22 all scholarship Offensive Linemen at the University of Texas will receive $50,000 annually ($800,000 combined) for use of their NIL and participating in charitable causes.

— Horns with Heart (@hornswithheart) December 6, 2021

This combined with the Clark Field Collective means each Texas OL will be making at least $150k per year before individual NIL deals.

— Will Baizer (@WillBaizer) December 6, 2021

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. Pay for play will not help a dumpster like UT. Can you imagine the dissension in the locker room because a OL guy gets $150k and a TE gets $25K. But, my point is why wouldn’t you want to play for the two best OL coaches in the country, consistently be in the Top 10, play in bowl games, and get coached up for the NFL (long term payout)?

Do you think we will have any players

that will sit out the Sugar in advance of the NFL draft? Or will everyone play? If yes, who?

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

I don’t think anyone will sit out. This is a very tight team.

Aranda has been amazing! But how much credit does Matt Rhule deserve for developing the seniors and leaving the program in a great place.

(Don’t hate on the guy for doing exactly what he promised.)

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

I have great respect for what Rhule did during his time at Baylor and definitely give him some credit. He recruited the seniors and began to develop them, but Aranda took them to the next level.

Could the departure of Jeff Lebby for OU seriously impact the Ole Miss offense?

Is Lebby the one who has been calling the plays?

Mauling unruly youths since 830 BCE. Just like Mother.

Posted by BearPope

Kiffin understands the O, but not the way Lebby does. It will make a difference...somewhat. But it won’t matter as our D will shut down their O no matter who the play caller is.

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