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ODB Mailbag - Sugar Bowl Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, food, and other questions answered.

Who will start at QB?

And will the other QB play in select moments?

Posted by BrentBear

Andrew Miner: If I told you that Baylor’s starting QB would be badly injured for three straight seasons—never mind Covid-19–but the Bears would post a 24-12 record, go 1-1 in Big 12 title games and advance to two Sugar Bowls with two different head coaches in that span, you would have laughed right? By all accounts, Gerry Bohanon should be healthy enough now to start and I would not expect to see Kyron Drones unless we have to.

BNT: We all know, or should know by now, that Gerry will be playing. As to how ready he is, I don’t know. CDA said that’s he’s both throwing and moving well. We also know that Shapen will not be suiting up. Even though it’s been announced that Gerry will be ready, it still is a dilemma for Ol’ Miss as they don’t know if they’ll see GB or Drones. Drones has hardly any film as he’s only taken a few snaps over the season. QB Coach Shawn Bell has shown that he is excellent at getting the multiple QB’s prepared, so this might throw a wrinkle in the Rebels defensive game plan.

Who will win the game?

Posted by PoppyBear

Andrew Miner: Have to pick the Bears. Baylor 28-21!

BNT: They don’t call Waco the City of Champions for no reason!

Other than a Baylor victory, of course, what are the “sweetest” things you hope to see at the Sugar Bowl?

Posted by westjef

Andrew Miner: I want the winning coach to receive multiple Gatorade baths with the contents of the buckets being that of ice cream sundae ingredients. Bears win and then the entire OL/DL guys are dumping vats of blue bell vanilla; chocolate sauce; whipped cream; chopped bananas; cherries; rainbow sprinkles and green and gold gummy bears for good measure.


4. See GB manage the game and control the clock.

3. See Pitre get a sack and an INT.

2. See Doyle score a TD.

1. And of course, I better see thousands and thousands of Bears in gold!

What are your favorite things to do in New Orleans?

dPosted by westjef

Andrew Miner: The only time I have ever been in NOLA was for the last Sugar Bowl where I was at the Superdome for 15+ hours and then found myself eating jambalaya, shrimp and grits, and pie a la mode at the media hotel’s hospitality room at 3:30 in the morning. Don’t be like me, hit up the French Quarter, Bourbon Street or even LSU’s campus to see Mike the Tiger if you have time.

BNT - See my article, New Orleans Primer: The Best Of The Best For The Sugar Bowl

What is the best way to pass the time between the top-10 basketball game at 1pm and the top-10 football bowl game?

For people in New Orleans and for people at home.

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: Your New Years Day viewing schedule in CST is as follows: Penn State-Arkansas Outback Bowl at 11 am; Oklahoma State-Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl at noon; top 10 Baylor-Iowa State MBB at 1 pm; Utah-Ohio State Rose Bowl at 4 pm; Sugr Bowl at 7:45 pm. Baylor Baylor WBB plays Sunday (1/2) at 1 pm.

BNT: There are many acceptable answers, but one is the clear winner. Rewatch the Baylor/Zags Natty game followed by the Big12 Championship game.

Did anyone ask Coach Aranda the biggest question?

Not will he stay at Baylor but how does he remove his scalp hair? Please oh pretty please with sugar on it, don’t be electrolysis. Pun intended. C’mon man, weedeater or torture by indians (American Indians like in the old west, not the convenience store kind [no offense])? That’s almost better than the Bowie knife thought…almost. Can you tell that this is weighing heavily on my mind BNT? I gotta know! Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response. Oh yeah, does the light really go off in your fridge when you shut the door? Are you sure?

Posted by AleanUFOpilot FTLcertified

Andrew Miner: Coach Aranda just has that perfect ‘coach’s head’ right? Not sure how, but he should be a sponsor for Dollar Shave Club. The light turns off.

BNT - I have it from a reliable source that he plucks it with tweezers, follicle by follicle.

Doesn’t matter about the fridge light as long as the fridge has plenty of food and is there every time I open the door.

Besides Cafe Du Monde,

What is the next best place for Beignets in NOLA? What other food/restaurants would you recommend?

Posted by Moved2Texas

Andrew Miner: I hope to dine out more in NOLA at the Final Four.

BNT - I see what you did there, Andrew and I like it! Cafe Beignet is actually the best in NOLA. As for other recommendations, see my answer to Westjef.

dOols from “That random commenter on the internet”

BNT, how mad is coach Rod at HCDA for injuring the number 1 baseball prospect out of Louisiana’s shoulder?

And follow up: should we, as a university, be embarrassed that so many talented athletes are choosing Baylor Univeristy?

Posted by dOols II

Andrew Miner: I believe Shapen had chosen to focus on football, but I am an advocate for him playing both sports. The riches that Baylor continues to accumulate should not be embarrassing to anybody - except Texas.

BNT: I have it from a reliable source that he challenged CDA to meet him behind Marrs Mclean to settle it. Then...well, you have to pay extra for that info. Embarrassed in relation to Baylor isn’t registering with me, so I recuse myself from answering.

Best in the 4th quarter

I see almost every single team hold up four fingers suggesting they “own” the final quarter. Of course, not everyone can “own” the fourth quarter. Which teams REALLY play better in the fourth quarter, at least statistically? Come-from-behind wins?

Posted by IrvingParkBear

Andrew Miner: I think that answer is Alabama, but I know that’s no fun. The Tide actually had several close calls this season, but either came back or staved off the opposition’s comeback time and time again. If you have a chance in the fourth quarter, you have to finish Saban and not make mind-numbingly stupid mistakes (looking at you Auburn). Other great comebacks this season were Red River, Michigan State over Michigan, Iron Bowl, UNC over Wake Forest, Jacksonville State over Florida State, and South Dakota over South Dakota State.

BNT: UT...hahahahaha!!! Just kidding of course.

Uniform? Is it all gold?

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

Andrew Miner: The SEC team is classified as the home team this year. So it may be Ole Miss in white and Baylor in green again. But what we should all hope for are the Rebels’ powder blue and Baylor’s pure gold unis.

BNT: Same answer as Andrew, but this would look sweet

Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

One of my newfound joys of Baylor watching is highly touted athletes looking like scrubs against our defense.

Whether Drew Timme or Bijan Robinson or Paige Buckets.

How badly will Baylor corral Matt Corral? Specifically how many sacks?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Andrew Miner: Baylor only has 32 sacks on the season (~2.66/game), but have forced 16 INTs and recovered eight fumbles and, most impressively, stonewalled every running back not named Breece Hall. Corral only has been sacked 22 times this year, and does have an escapability quality; but then again the Bears posted five sacks vs Oklahoma. I think the over/under for both sacks and interceptions is 1.5 and the Bears go over on sacks but under on picks. Baylor wins the game by forcing punts and having long, sustained drives on offense.

BNT: With the extended time by Roberts and Aranda to plan for this game and the elite level of play by our LB’s and Jack, I think we will surprise Corral and have over 3 sacks and a ton on QB hurries. D will be a headache to the Rebels, but our O controlling the LOS and time of possession will win the game.

Prediction for the game against Iowa State?

But more importantly, which is better: cajun food or creole food??

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Bears by double digits. We will wear them down and pull away in the 2nd half. ISU will come back to reality after the game on Saturday.

Leave other questions or comments below. I will be dropping my Sugar Bowl game prediction tomorrow morning on Twitter @BearNTex for you pleasure.

Sic ‘Ol Miss!