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ODB Mailbag - Christmas Edition: Answered

Answers to your Baylor football, basketball, and Christmas questions.

Where do you think the Conference Championship game with take place for football in the New Big 12 considering in the past it would rotate between North and South?

Posted by CactusBear

BNT: Interesting question. With the Big 12 Corporate offices being in Irving and Arlington being in a centrally located neutral site, and of course nothing coming close to Jerry World in seating capacity, I’d be surprised if it was relocated.

Do you like gladiator movies?

Posted by daddingo

BNT: Of course. One of the most iconic scenes in movie history from the movie Gladiator:

Getty Images

Does recency bias work in regards to Santa’s naughty or nice list?

I’ve really tried hard the last month or so to start being nice

Posted by PoppyBear

Cody Orr: Depends on when Santa checks his list the first time.

BNT: I know you need all the help you can get so, yes. Feel better?

I know that the Foster Pavilion is on its way....

But in the meantime, what changes should be made at the Ferrell Center to make sure that Kendall Brown doesn’t hit his head on the shot clock while dunking?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Remind me which sport again?

I do want to add a serious comment to this as I think KB might be the best we’ve ever had at Baylor. Like OSU’s super frosh and #1 draft pick last year, Cade Cunningham, I think he has the tools to be a lottery pick this year. I’m predicting a one and done, so all of you get out to the Ferrell this season and watch him in person.

Should COY Gundy have strategically lost Bedlam so they would have an easier opponent in the Big 12 championship game?

Would playing OU twice have been an easier route to the Playoffs than facing a scrappy, determined Baylor defense in Arlington?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

BNT: Gundy is probably thinking so

Follow up: does OSU beat Baylor if it is a night game instead of 11 am?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

BNT: Wouldn’t have mattered as Baylor was ready for OSU.

Which of these senior players who could come back because of COVID in 2020 will stick around for 2022 season?

Barnes, Maxwell, Chidi, Grant Miller, Khalil Keith, Gall, Galvin, Ashton Logan, Bryson Jackson, Christian Morgan, JT Woods, Sneed, Fleeks? I assume Tyquan, Abram, Jalen, and Terrell will move on of course. BTW, if those OL all stay on the team, next year’s offense might run for 300 per game! Your thoughts please.

Posted by BrentBear

BNT: Abram, Jalen, Terrell, and Woods have accepted invitations to play in Senior All Star Games, so they’re not returning. I also don’t think Tyquan will come back. Galvin is up in the air. The rest? Most could likely return.

How many bears do you all have on your Christmas tree?

BNT: How many is too many?

Is the ghost of George Steinbrenner running the UT football team recruiting with no salary cap in place?

Posted by JobBluth

BNT: Lol. I think they would much rather have the ghost of Darrell Royal resurrected so they would have a shot at a conference and national championship.

How do you imagine Baylor will compete with UT’s scheme to pay players for NIL?

Posted by JustinAllison16

BNT: This is a question that’s on the minds of Baylor fans. Let me give some bullet point thoughts:

  • With NIL it’s up to the alumni base ponying up the $$$, as the university cannot pay the student athlete.
  • It looks like the university can assist with marketing and branding a student athlete.
  • Baylor’s unique cultural fit will always be attractive to certain athletes.
  • There are tons of great recruits out there who go untouched because of biased rankings, so Baylor will continue to find the right fit and develop the players.
  • Some places have a culture so toxic that the NIL will become more of a problem concerning division in the locker room, etc...looking at you UT.

Bottom line is that’s it up to our alumni base to step up, which I think will happen but look a bit different than a blue blood school.

Posted by JustinAllison16

What in the world is it gonna take to get Mayer out of this funk???

BNT: I agree that his shooting is off, but other things in his game have greatly improved like his becoming a team player, defense and leadership. His defensive improvement has been amazing as he is locking down opponents and is second on the team in steals and blocked shots. The shots will start falling again, yet he’s still averaging over 9 pts a game.

Posted by PioneerSkies

What are your top five Christmas movies?

Sic ‘em Bears!


5. A Charlie Brown Christmas - saddest Christmas tree ever, but great pivot to the meaning

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - laugh

3. Miracle on 34th Street (all versions) - feel good

2. 3 Godfathers - John Wayne in an epic cowboy twist of the biblical Christmas story

1. It’s a Wonderful Life - the Bailey’s were huge Baylor fans

Posted by PioneerSkies

Could you rewrite the lyrics to “The Twelve Days of Christmas” so there is at least one bear in it?

Posted by westjef

BNT: Baylor’s 12 Days of Christmas (feel free to sing along)

Dave Aranda Staying our Head Coach!

Two Bears named Lady and Joy

Three french class credits

Four calling Sic ‘ems!

Five golden Bears!

Six games bowl eligible

Seven BU ducks a swimmin’ (in the Brazos)

Eight Baylor freshmen drinkin’ milk

Nine Baylor Song and Dance ladies dancin’

Ten Acrobat and Tumbling members leapin’

Eleven BUGWB pipers pipin’

Twelve BUGWB drummers drummin’

Most egregious of Santa’s Christmas crimes:

1. Petty Larceny for stealing Christmas cookies

2. Breaking and Entering cuz chimney or no you’re not allowed in

3. Labor Rights violations for not paying elf wages

4. Flying in restricted airspace in violation of ENR 5.1

Posted by dOols II

BNT: Prove it!

Is it appropriate to put a bear in your manger scene?

If so, where would you place it?

Posted by westjef

I first read, beer in manger scene.

Posted by JobBluth

I need to read everything as I tell my son.

Posted by JobBluth

Por que no los dos?

Posted by dOols II

That too.

Posted by westjef

BNT: The above was a thread...pretty funny. But yes, it is appropriate as God created Bears.

I’ll Go Ahead And Be That Guy

Who asks about Aranda’s contract situation.

What the hell is taking so long? Is there anyone here in HR that can legitimately explain why?

It’s easy to provide a list of vacant P5 schools that moved extremely fast in hiring HC’s/having them sign on.

It’s been almost a month since he was supposedly offered an extension. Mack’s most recent interview with SicEm365 is honestly a little alarming because he seems to overcompensate and say “everything’s fine” or “we’re in good shape” yet a lack of actions seems to say the opposite. Plus the excuse he uses is that “it takes time to transfer things from spreadsheets into paper” sounds sketch (Speaking from some experience: I have to manipulate large quantities of medical record data in Excel every day…I’m sure I’m not the only one here who does).

We know Mack can find diamonds in the rough (CMR, HCDA) but we don’t know if he can keep them yet.

Sure, go ahead and tell me “Aranda ain’t leaving” or whatever. He might not this year, but if there’s tension developing in the background, we might not see him next year.

Maybe this is all in my head. Probably is. But the lack of action paired with sketchy responses is getting alarming.

Posted by Patheticus_

BNT: Some good answers below.

Ok, I’ll try to help you.

In light of the many new HCs that have been hired in the last month, undoubtedly the contract language and provisions have been changing (toward the benefit of the HC). I’m not a medical data professional, but as a businessman I have negotiated more than 1,000 rather complicated contracts in my lifetime. Everything I see and hear from both parties seems to be quite friendly, so undoubtedly IMO this is a case of lawyers and their typical “and just one more thing” in play. The other note of encouragement for you is that all the top jobs around the country are filled as far as I can see. I hope you can enjoy Christmas now, Of course, I could be wrong!

Posted by BrentBear

We just don’t know what’s going on.

There are several possibilities. Here are a few I’ve thought of:

(1) Aranda would like to “move up” in the next season or two, so he doesn’t REALLY want an extension. He just knew he wanted to stay at Baylor next year (or perhaps, just didn’t get a better offer he wanted). Sure, he can leave after an extension, but he seems really sincere in wanting to be honest and up front about the process.

(2) Aranda doesn’t feel the pressure to get something official right away, as he knows he’s staying and already has a “handshake agreement” with Mack. Shoot, he may even have a long-term plan to stay at Baylor, so what’s the rush?

(3) Aranda’s lawyers/agents are still trying to get the best deal possible. After all, there’s no time pressure now and any changes are going to be better for the coach.

(4) Aranda is so busy with recruiting and preparing team for the Sugar Bowl he doesn’t want to mess with contract negotiations right now. And/or he doesn’t want to be the focus/distraction right now. The season is not over.

The best thing I saw for Baylor is that Aranda seemed to sincerely feel for the coaches and players left behind as the coaching carosel took off. I basically trust him that if/when he leaves, he’s going to do the best job he can to make it as painless as possible, though realizing a painless departure is not usually possible in these situations. Still, I would be really shocked if he made a middle-of-the-night switch like Lincoln Riley did.

I read somewhere that an “inside source” said Aranda felt loyal to Baylor for giving him his first head coaching job and didn’t want to leave so soon. If true, on the one hand, that’s great. On the other hand, that’s not the same as saying “I love everything about Baylor and want to remain head coach here for as long as I can.”

There are no guarantees in this world, and despite our own fandom, Baylor is not considered the ultimate destination by most coaches. All we can do is appreciate Aranda while he’s here, hope he’s here and keeps winning for a long time, and hope Baylor finds another good coach when he leaves (even if he’s leaving by retiring).

Posted by westjef

BNT’s Answer: Good thoughts above. Nothing is certain in this life and I would never say never as to his leaving. People are still worried that Drew might leave. On the other hand, Baylor could pull the plug after 3 or so years of sub performing. So, it goes both ways. I do think CDA fits well at Baylor and having proven he can win a Conference championship in a P5 conference, he also feels he can win a natty at Baylor. As too why it hasn’t been signed yet, I really don’t know.

Any other questions or thoughts please leave below.

Love you Baylor Family and from my house to yours, Merry Christmas!