ESPN+’s new weekly show "Our Time" to feature BU’s Basketball Program


Unfortunately, the Lady Bears were upset by Michigan yesterday, so they will fall from what could have been a number 4 ranking (w NC State’s loss). I like Coach Collen & her proven coaching career in the WBNA. I’m guessing that there is a learning curve with the college game. We are now 9-2 and 0-2 against ranked teams (# 9 & # 13). Our beloved Coach Mulkey’s new team is 9-1 and 1-0 against ranked teams. LSU had a record of 9-13 last season. And, for those of you who worship at the door of C2H5OH, congratulations. Our misguided BU leadership, ignoring both Coach Mulkey’s AND Coach Drew’s preference for a campus arena, have joined w the local bureaucrats to place a basketball arena closer to the bars downtown—even further from campus than Ferrell. Idiots. Let’s hope we don’t lose Coach Drew, also.