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ODB Mailbag - Answered

Burning questions answered about Baylor football, basketball, recruiting, coaching changes, and more.

Thoughts on Riley to USC

And the meltdown by OU fans

Posted by aabbott13

I find it hilarious that “Coaching Code of Ethics” Riley betrayed traitorous OU. He’ll do well at USC recruiting and winning as it’s the weakest P5 conference in the country.

As for the OU fans melting down

Do we really have Aranda locked up right now, or is there still a real chance that he leaves for one of the many HC openings?

Posted by FunkycoldMD

I never thought he would leave as Baylor is a great fit for him. But, I understand why many were concerned. Now that the two biggest threats have filled their coaching vacancies, USC & LSU, everyone can

What can Baylor do to create a top ten fan base?

Are there things Baylor can do to compete with the massive government schools in TV ratings, ticket sales, publicity, merchandise, etc?

We already have the on-field/court performance.

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

Interesting question. It’s amazing the brand we currently have and are continuing to build while being a small, private university on mission. With the way our teams perform and the commitment from the University and Athletic Department we have already become a hot commodity and will progressively burn hotter. During the Michigan State/Baylor men’s basketball game Jimmy Dykes kept referring to both programs as “Blue Blood”. As for the fan base catching up, keep in mind we will never have the number of alumni of a UT, Bama, Ohio State, etc. But, I’ve been impressed at how well BU fans show for big games and travel. Top 10 probably isn’t realistic, but Top 20 is possible.

What is the ideal genre of music for the maximum stadium experience?

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bear

I’d be onboard with a disco retro theme every game. We should begin every game with Heat Waves “Boogey Nights”. And of course this should be played

Do you have an opinion or insight regarding Caleb Collins as LB coach to replace McGuire?

Posted by BrentBear

He was at LSU with Aranda and I trust that he’s been thoroughly reviewed and vetted. If Aranda likes him, I like him.

Which 2021 Baylor football player will have the most successful NFL career?

Posted by Oso Maravilloso

This guy

I just read on the BU site that Gall and Miller both can come back next year due to Covid 2020.

That would be such great news. Otherwise, our OL is decimated for 2022. Do you have any backup players on your “will have a huge impact” list for 2022? We sure need some of those at RB, WR, LB and DB and maybe not as much on the OL IMO. Thanks BNT. And please don’t leave us for USC!

Posted by BrentBear

Since the beginning of the season you know how high I’ve been on the OL. I mean, this is definitely a special group and as a unit they are averaging 227 yds rushing per game compared to 90 (you read right) last season, while only giving up 12 sacks. This hasn’t gone unnoticed as the O Line are semi-finalist for the Joe More Award recognizing the best O Line in the country. To specifically address your question, I wouldn't be surprised if both Gall and Miller came back or maybe one of the two. We do have talent coming up in freshmen Heffernan, Lengyel, and Williams (who will be a beast). Add to that with 5 OL recruits in the 2022 class (Maile, Ebosel, Emory, Price, and Sieracki) we’re in pretty good shape, but young. However with Grimes and Mateos, two of the best O Line coaches in the country, I think we’ll be ok.

As for my leaving for ANY nonsensical program, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be here to stay and have signed an extended contract. On the same note, I know I have been linked with being the head of the Baylor Mafia. I categorically deny knowledge of any such organization.

Is Texas back?

Sola Gratia, Sola Fide In Christo Solo

Posted by joshsm07

Depends on how you define back

Has the recent success

done anything positive for recruiting so far?

Posted by Coach_Roberts19

We are definitely in the conversation now for top recruits and landing key priorities. This staff can recruit and the longer they are at BU and we have success on the field, we will see consistent top 25 classes. I need to add that MBB CSD’s Culture of JOY isn’t lost on Aranda and he totally embraces it. Just like Drew has his team buying into the culture, Aranda is developing the same thing.

Any chance we pick up any decommits

from the sinking Titanic in Norman?

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

I’m not sure, but I hear a big one is looking at us.

Any explanation...

On why we threw a 61 go route for a TD on the first series, then proceeded to completely ignore Thornton and Ebner open down field the rest of the game; choosing instead to thread the ball into tight (scary) windows for 3-6 yard gains? … until we hit our TE for the winning TD. It reminded me (eerily) of our O under Rhule (except when we were behind or were playing ou the first time…you know, before we turned off the offense off and hoped the clock would run out). I understand wanting to keep the TT Offense off the field, but why not take the wide open shots that were there? Sorry for the run-on sentences.

Posted by RSWaco on Nov 29, 2021

Had the same thought during the game and no explanation. After hearing that we had a massive flu outbreak could be the cause of going so conservative the second half. This was one we needed to grind out and we did.

Should Baylor Athletics sell NFTs?

The NFL, NBA, etc are doing it now. Could we find a way to do it and allow our guys to profit off their NIL??

Only 1/2 kidding…

Posted by JustinAllison16

Fun thought, but I don’t see the crypto NFT’s taking hold in college sports. Then again, there are fans out there with unlimited resources and would shell out I suppose.

I’m watching Tarleton State at Gonzaga…

…at halftime the score is Zags 26 – Tarleton 25.

What does this say about pre-season projections that the Zags are in the top tier of NCAA this year?

Posted by PoppyBear

Says about the same thing that was being said last year...and we all know how that turned out. #SicEm

Are we safe from OU trying to poach away CDA?

OU is a different animal and not one known for defense but still….

Posted by CactusBear

They can try, but it won’t happen. Besides, Stoops is drooling to get back behind the wheel.

While everyone watching the coaching carousel is focused on Aranda…

Is there any chance one of the smaller programs comes after Grimes? He’s flying under the radar, but he’d be near the top of my list if someone did happen to poach Aranda.

Posted by Bearistotle

Don’t see it happening. With the new contract extension about to be announced for CDA, I can guarantee they are taking care of Grimes as well. Smaller programs can’t touch it.

What’s Mrs. BNT’s favorite tailgate food?

And will she be bringing it to the game this weekend?

Posted by marktbower

Kolaches or something like that. As for me, I’ll bring my appetite.

Do you see Baylor hitting the portal hard?

We should be a top 20 recruting class but we can’t break through. ATM is going to have the top recruting class and they haven’t won squat. I would think playing foe the BigXII twice in the last three years should count for something. CDA isn’t going anywhere because he knows he can build a championship program here. How do we get the recruits to come to Waco?

Posted by proudpapabear

I addressed this earlier in the article, but I’ll reiterate that this staff can recruit. A big part of the battle is the interaction with the recruits and their families. I know for a fact that this staff looks at both and how they fit in culturally, not just positionally or athletically. They also have confidence that they can develop a recruit, which is huge. This isn’t lost on the recruits, their parents, or their HS coaches.

Why Kim Mulkey left Baylor for LSU to earn less money? That does not make sense to me.

Posted by Baylorbear92


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat craving a Dr Pepper float?

Like I do constantly??

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Maybe ;)