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Baylor’s Men and Women’s Basketball Will Have a New Home!

New basketball arena coming to Baylor soon.

Today is a day of great joy across the Baylor nation as the new basketball arena location has been chosen. Read more about it here: Waco Tribune Herald Article

  • The facility will cost $185M
  • City will chip in $65M
  • It will be available for games and practices year round, but the city will use it 90 days a year for concerts
  • The facility will be next to I-35 behind the Robinson Towers and on the Brazos river. Who would have thought we would have sailgating at basketball games.
  • Seating capacity will be 7,000 and hearing rumblings of a Club Level section.
  • For those who wonder about these things, yes there will be parking garages.
  • This should bring in $700M annually for the city of Waco.

Baylor Twitter World Responds

This is going to be spectacular!