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ODB Mailbag - Tired of Winning Yet? Answers

Answers to your football, basketball, and all things Baylor sports questions.

This week we are stating something new regarding the Mailbag. If you see multiple answers, your questions have been opened up to all of the ODB Contributors for response. As always, I’ll answer every question.

Who is TCU playing in their bowl game?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies on Dec 13, 2021 | 10:16 AM reply rec (8) flag

TGIBears gave a great answer to this question


Posted by TGiBears

Mattisbear: Oof level: high

BNT: The Pajama Bowl, because that’s what they’ll be wearing as they watch the bowl games.

When can we expect to start landing some of these big time recruits, like the level of an Ahmad Dixon on a more consistent level?

Posted by CactusBear

BNT: You mean like TE Kaian Roberts-Day, WR Armani Winfield, LB Jeremy Patton, WR Jordan Nabors, OL Alvin Ebosele, OL George Maile, OL Tre Emory who are all 4 stars in this signing class? Winfield’s offer list was insane including Ohio State and Alabama. We might see an increase, but it seems that CDA and his staff landed most of their top priorities. He knows what he’s looking for to continue to accomplish the mission and believes Baylor is a place where he can lead the team to a Natty. It took Scott Drew 19 years for the 5 stars to start calling Baylor. We are blessed having 2 great “coach ‘em up” coaches who are committed to the culture in our 2 major sports. This isn’t being lost on the recruits. Consistency is the key, so give it a little time (maybe 3-5 years). I think we’ll quickly have top 25 classes and can even get to Top 15. What shouldn’t be overlooked is how well our staff evaluates and recruits talent and fit from the Transfer Portal. CDA has made it clear that if you coach at BU you better be able to recruit.

Are we the best overall athletic program in these United States?

Posted by FunkycoldMD

Cody Orr: I don’t know about the best, but we do pretty darn well for a medium-sized private school. If our baseball team did better in 2021, I think you could make the argument.

BNT: Yes

What is the *darn holdup on CDA’s new contract??

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing

BNT: Soon.

So Wing, it looks like things are on track and the negotiations aren’t going like this


The fate of the universe is on the line, and you can either:

A) Attempt to run it in from the 1 yard line against the Baylor football defense (you get four downs)

B) Attempt to score 2 points against the Baylor basketball defense (you get 5 minutes)

C) Fist fight an actual full-grown adult bear

How long do you last against the bear?

Posted by crazedhermitwizard

Cody Orr: Score against the Baylor basketball defense. All I have to do is wait for time to expire and heave it from behind half court. Better than 80% odds!

BNT: Fist fight with a grown bear as I already have experience and like my odds.

What are you wearing to the Sugar Bowl and why?

Posted by westjef

Cody Orr: A gold pullover because (1) I’m a good fan and (2) it’s the only gold thing I own.

Peter Pope: Gold and because it goes oh so well with my complexion

BNT: I’ll be strutting into the Superdome like

Seeing as nearly every major head coaching vacancy has been filled, should Baylor fans stop wringing their hands about CDA’s status and/or contract?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

BNT: Yep

Does Quinn Ewers transferring to Texas mean that Texas is back?

Because I was told that Texas is back

Posted by Baylorpka06

BNT: The exact moment every year when UT fans realize they’re not back

Which team wins more games....

Liberty with Brewer or UAB with Zeno?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Cody Orr: Tough question... I say UAB with Zeno.

BNT: Agree


The big 12 cements itself as the 3rd best conference. The ACC and pac 12 implode with USC, Washington, oregon, Stanford going to the Big 10 and Clemson and Florida state going to the sec.

What 4 schools does the big 12 go for?

And I’ll even add: you can drop 4 current members (Irate8+4 noobs) to add 4 additional schools but who gets cut and why?

Posted by dOols II

BNT: Hypothetically I think they go after Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado (because I like to ski). I can only think of 2 that I would drop, but that’s already been taken care of.


Charlie put the entire football program on his back and willed our program back into relevance at a time when there was little hope. Hope the AD and others will honor him in a big way at some point

Posted by Framptoncomesalivebear

Mattisbear: I’m not AGAINST honoring Charlie Brewer, he certainly invested a lot of himself into the program. But it’s not quite accurate to say he, by himself, willed this program back into relevance. Lots of staff, administrators, and players did that together.

BNT: Not trying to speak for others, but I think we all appreciate what Charlie did for us and the 2019 season was magical. I can see him being honored in the future.

Hypothetical rivalry games/trophies for Baylor and other Big 12 football teams

With so much change happening in the conference it is time to re-evaluate rivalry games. What currently committed or soon-to-be members of the Big 12 do you consider to have rivalry-game potential with Baylor and why? What would the name of the rivalry be? What would the trophy look like?

Omit these teams from your analysis: current rivals (per Wikipedia anyway) TCU and Texas Tech, and soon to be departed members Texas and Oklahoma.

The (Big 12) North Remembers

Posted by OklaClone

My buddy dOols gives a great answer

bYu vs BU: The Bible Battle

Trophy: A literal raw fish

UH vs BU: The hUluHBuhLU

Trophy: Maybe a rusty old SWC trophy

BU vs Iowa State: We wont acknowledge its a rivalry cuz ISU is beneath us


The obvious immediate rivals will be BYU, UH, and UCF (because I like Orlando and Disney)

BYU vs BU: Apologetics Bowl

Trophy: The Holy Grail

Cougar High vs BU: Southwest Conference Bowl

Trophy: Picture of Grant Teaff and Bill Yoeman shaking hands

UCF vs Baylor: Mickey Mouse Bowl

Trophy: Mickey Wearing Football Gear

Add any responses or other questions. Sic’ Ol’ Miss!