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Podcast! Travis Roeder and Jeff Davis on Baylor - TCU

Reviewing Baylor’s big win over Texas, discussing Patterson’s departure and how a great coach can lose his way, and previewing Baylor at TCU

NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Stephen Spillman-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Davis (@penland365) and I are back talking Baylor football on this week where Baylor is at TCU.

This podcast has something for everyone. Texas fans will be interested to hear what went wrong for them in their game, TCU fans will want to hear Jeff’s great perspective on how a coach as good as Patterson can falter, and of course Baylor fans should enjoy the weekly deep dive of the team.


0:00 — Intro, Jeff and his veteran father going to Army - Air Force this weekend

3:00 — Baylor’s defensive line is reaching another level

10:25 — What did we learn about Baylor’s offense from the Texas game?

15:00 — Baylor beat Texas using base offense

21:00 — Jeff respects Gary Patterson, what made him special, what made him innovative, how his defense works

37:00 — How can an organization lose focus even when its head coach is all in?

40:30 — Baylor TCU preview

54:00 — it’s hard to play good defense when your defensive front is bad

56:15 — should we be worried about Gerry Bohanon throwing more interceptions as the year goes on?

1:03:15 — Does Baylor pay special attention to TCU WR Quentin Johnson or do they just live with big plays every so often like they have the past few weeks?

1:07:20 — Predictions!

Let us know what you think in the comments.