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Why We Shouldn’t “Fear The Frogs”

5 Things that should comfort you going into the TCU game.

Many are concerned that Saturday’s game against TCU is a trap game. Most BU fans view TCU as right up there with UT regarding teams we want to beat. Patterson definitely fueled this rivalry, which many called it a re-rivalry, with building the Frogs into a good and tough program while incessantly whining about Baylor. This led to unprecedented hatred towards BU from their fan base, while their players circled the game date as a must win. Personally I find the vitriol from their fans towards us slightly amusing, as they were an easy L back in my Baylor days with 4 consecutive wins over the toads.

As we go into this weekends game is it a trap game? Should we fear the frog? Will GP conjure up some weird mojo while sitting in the stands? Let’s look at 5 reasons we shouldn’t fear the frog.

#1 - Patterson’s Leaving Won’t Help

Patteson’s departure won’t provide some magical transformation of the players from their average to below average performances this season. Sure they will probably come out higher than a kite, but kites eventually crash to earth. I think GP’s sudden departure will add to a team that has struggled all season. GP was probably losing the locker room as well as games, which could have been part of the reason for the firing...I mean mutually agreed upon separation. Without him they are worse off as he was still the rudder to the ship and a great defensive mind on the sideline.

#2 - Baylor’s Coaching Is Better

Our Coaching gives us a definite edge this game. What Aranda has done in year 2 is miraculous. He, as well as this staff, have proven that they are excellent in analytics regarding our players and opposing teams. There is no way....none, zero, zip, bubkas...that they won’t have our team focused and ready to execute the game plan and do their 1/11th on both sides of the ball. Our players know the importance of this game as they continue to focus on 1 game at a time. We don’t have the luxury to be complacent and I believe our coaches and players know this.

#3 - Baylor’s Rush Defense Is Scary Good

Admittedly we started conference play by giving up some big numbers to Hall and Warren, but since then our D has gelled by manhandling and bullying some better backs than those two. The last 3 games we’ve held WVU to 90 yds/2.4 per carry, BYU’s All American candidate Allgeier to 33 yds/2.2 per carry, and UT’s Robinson to 43 yards/2.5 per carry. In fact, I would say that defensive front is now the best in the Big 12. Even if Zack Evans plays, we will shut down the TCU run game. This will be problematic for TCU.

#4 - Baylor’s Rush Offense Will Give TCU Fits

TCU is giving 218 yds and 5.5 yds per carry a game rushing. Smith and Ebner, maybe even Doyle and Sims, will feast on this. We should definitely have over 200 yds rushing and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eclipsed 250. Our outstanding O Line will bulldoze the TCU D opening up holes big enough for our backs. Even I would pick up a yard or two if running behind them. Expect a big day on the ground for our Bears.

#5 - Our QB is Better Than Whoever They Throw At US

A team that can’t settle on a QB is a team that is struggling offensively. TCU is trying to find their identity at QB. This late in the season, that would concern me if I were a TCU fan. Thankfully I’m not! Even though Gerry had some poor throws the 1st half of the UT game, I was impressed with his poise, performance, and game management the second half. Don’t diminish what he did as it was crucial to our winning. He will be a major weapon against TCU with both his arm and legs.

So, should we fear the frog? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Frog tears are the best and expect to see this on the sidelines Saturday:

As always I will be dropping my Baylor keys to the TCU game and score prediction on twitter this Friday. Follow @BearNTex if you’re curious.