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UT Game In Gifs

Whorns Last Time At McLane

There couldn’t have been a better way to send the whorns packing as they slink off to the SEC, than with a loss to our Bears. This will probably be their last appearance at McLane for decades to come. Before we get to the gifs, allow me to get something off my chest. While I can’t argue that UT had the better players on paper, it was obvious to me that we had the better players on the field. We also had the better coaches. Always keep in mind that there is a huge difference between potential and production. UT year after year have the potential, but don’t live up to it by producing. Even though we were behind until midway through the 3rd Q, I never felt like we weren’t in control and wouldn’t win. This Bears group has moxie, toughness, and definitely produce. Who would have thought that we would be 7-1 and in the top 15 of the first CFB Playoff release? Well, besides me...but, I digress. On to the game in gifs.

Every time the UT fans started their obnoxious “UT” chant and their band would begin to strike up “The Eyes of Texas”, they were quickly drowned out by the Baylor faithful

When we fell behind 21-10 early in the 3rd Q you were a little concerned

What Abram Smith looked like to the UT Defense as he smashed through them and was integral in giving us the lead...for good

What our Defense did to Bijan Robinson all day

When you saw UT’s Dicker the Kicker try the fake punt and then seeing us smother it, you were relieved

When you heard Baylor fans start to chant S-E-C as the whorns were walking off the field, it was

And the next day when one of the biggest UT stories EVER broke, you envisioned

I find it poetic that UT’s last visit to Floyd Casey and McLane both resulted in big L’s for them. #SicUTForever

Now, what do you have?