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ODB Mailbag Answered By BNT!

Burning questions are answered about all Baylor sports.

GBohannon, what is his status after Saturday’s game?

Posted by Bearly72

Although Aranda didn’t discount GB for tomorrow’s game, I’d be surprised if he played. Hamstrings issues aren't usually quick recoveries. It’s not unusual for a HC to mention a player might play so the opposing team has to account for that player in there lead up practices and prep for a game.

Can you recommend a new line of work for a former D1

football coach who likes to sweat like a nasty toad?

Posted by PoppyBear

I’ve heard that Patterson is negotiating with the “My Pillow Guy”, Mike Lindell, to be the spokes person for his new towel line.

What is your go-to breakfast on gameday?


If you could build your own 16 team NCAA power conference, regardless of current affiliation/location/economics/any other real life constraints/etc, which teams would you choose?

Is BearMySoul the next Kendall Kaut? Could he hold his own on a podcast with Hornbeak?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish, and why is it macaroni and cheese?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

I’m a huge fan of BEAR claws as a pre game ritual. I pretend they’re mauling the opponent. Kids always play with their food, right?

I would allow anybody that doesn’t have a cow for a mascot. But, I’m liking the way the future Big12 is shaping up and it will be interesting to see what happens once the Pac 12’s tv grant of rights contracts are up. Might be some plums ripe for the picking.

BearMySoul is awesome! Big fan.

Mac’n cheese please. Yes, I ate it yesterday and plan on doing it again today.

Who are the next teams to be added to the Big12?

Posted by mikemcgown

I would like to hold on that answer until we see what happens with the Pac 12’s new TV contract. I have a sneaky suspicion we might add some teams from that conference.

And what do you think of the teams the Big 12 did add?

Posted by westjef

With these additions the Big 12 will continually be in the hunt for the CFB Playoffs and hands down the strongest basketball conference in the country

And what do you think of the two teams who are high-tailing it from the Big 12?

Posted by PoppyBear

I was tired of carrying one of them and the other only represented the largest county in North Texas. So,

What is Texas ranked?

And did Texas really lose to Kansas or did I dream that?

Posted by westjef


Who do you think will win the Bedlam game?

Who will K State have for their QB against Texas and will they win?

Posted by BU87

OSU D will throttle the OU O. Take it to the bank.

Thompson probably won’t play, but it won’t matter because UT is currently the worst team in college football...and I’m including JUCO in that statement.

Big 12 mascots creepiness in order

Has to have OSU number one seed…right?

Posted by dOols II

Don’t be too hard on the guy as he is a hustler and has a side job...well, ok he is pretty creepy

BU coaches

Which BU coaches or staff do you think are most likely to be headed to Lubbock, if any?

Posted by BrentBear

It could happen, but I’d be surprised as Baylor takes very good care with their assistants. Now that’s it’s known that Aranda’s contract is being renegotiated (yay!), that means the assistants should get a bump as well.

How would you rate the overall health of Baylor’s multiple, nationally-ranked athletic programs?

Strong or quite strong?

Posted by FunkycoldMD

HAHAHAHAHA....oh, this is a serious question? Baylor is one of the top programs in the country and we’re just going to continue to build our brand nationally.

How long do your think Aranda will stay at Baylor?

Posted by westjef

As long as we keep making him feel wanted and take care of him. My next door neighbor is one of the assistant coaches and says that Aranda is a real and genuine as it gets. He’s a perfect fit for the Baylor culture.


What is the ceiling for Gabe Hall?

Posted by aintathangbutachickenwing


What dirt does CSD have on Coach Tang?

Blackmail is the only reason I can think coaches Tang and Brooks have not taken head coaching positions somewhere yet.

Posted by Your_Bailey_Bea

I talked to him before the game last week and told him the secret is safe with me, but reminded him not to leave. Yes, I did talk to him. Yes, he is incredible as both a coach and man.

How much will Dain Dainja’s transfer impact the team this season?

And how much long term?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Although I was high on him, it won’t. The hand writing was probably on the wall when he didn’t play a second in a 48 pt blowout. With 6’8 and 6’9 freshmen ahead of him and the talent at the post spots we have coming in, it becomes a numbers game.

Odds that Texas fires Sarkisian?

Sic ‘em Bears!

Posted by PioneerSkies

Please don’t! This guy has always been an average coach. Just what UT deserves for their below average efforts.

What is the length of HCDA’s current contract?

Follow up question… How many orders of magnitude should the length of his contract be increased along with his salary? Other than “ALL the time and ALL the money” that is.

Posted by Bowlinmonk13

It’s being renegotiated. I’m sure Mac will pay him what’s he’s worth with great bonus incentives for the future.

Does Mark C Moore have blisters on his fingertips?

Or has he already developed calluses from producing such large volumes of excellent reading material?

“ He is not human! He is iron! He is a machine!”

- A loose translation from a famous Russian boxer…

Posted by Bowlinmonk13

Mark is my Dawg! Did I say that right?

How exactly do those play calling signs

with all the crazy pictures on them work?

The real trouble with reality is that there’s no background music.

Posted by bearchitect

To understand this we have to go back to the beginning when 3 innovative coaches used basic hand signs with their “hands” to communicate and revolutionized college football

Is Bruiser saying “You the man BNT” so that you’ll pick him over Joy, Lady & Marigold? Or is someone offering him a Dr. Pepper?


I cannot be bought. Bribed on the other hand...

Is it true that BNT invented the Sic ‘em Bears Bear Claw while trying to dispose of evidence of a nose pick?


This is an urban legend that has been around for years, but reality is that one of my profs was a yell leader and he invented it. Great man, RIP Burnie Battles.

Yes as Aranda brought in an expert to help develop this technique

Post any other questions and I’ll try to get back to you. As usual, I will drop my football game today on twitter @BearNTex .