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Thoughts On Kendall and Travis Leaving In Gifs

and What’s Next

Let’s address the elephant in the room, which is is the departure of our great Editor-In-Chief Kendall Kaut and outstanding contributor Travis Roeder. Like most of you when I saw the announcement on ODB yesterday, I was mildly upset.

After that, like most, my next thought was

as ODB was losing a total boss of an editor in Kendall

and one of the best football analyst in the business in Travis

Regardless, I still thought

Then the news broke that they had left to work for another blog site (full disclosure - I’m a member of that site and they do a great job).

To which my little conspiracy theory mind kicked in and thought it might be because of the German connection

Finally, I came to grips with it and resigned myself to the fact that they made a great decision regarding their future and growth and responded appropriately

All kidding aside, KK and TR are my friends and I look forward to watching the development and growth regarding the next step in their careers.

What’s the next step for ODB?

But, as someone who’s been a part of ODB since 2013 I am confident that moving forward we will continue to be a great blog site. What Mark and Peter have put into motion is truly amazing and the talent that steps up to provide ODB with content is exceptional. Things change, but ODB remains consistent in it’s outstanding information dissemination and quality of product. What are some options moving forward?

Make BNT editor-in-chief as there would definitely be a new management style and would keep the rudder steady

To which Mark, Peter, SBNation, and probably every Baylor fan on the face of the earth would be very supportive

Bottom line is that ODB has navigated through tough times and come out stronger. This will be the case once again as our future is bright. Big, huge, ginormous shout out to all of the contributors and members on ODB. Your value to this site is off the charts.



p.s. As usual I will be dropping my Keys to the KSU game and Bold prediction tweet on Friday @BearNTex