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Four Takeaways from Baylor’s 92-47 Win Over Central Arkansas

NCAA Basketball: Central Arkansas at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor (3-0) knocked off Central Arkansas (0-3) 92-47.

As always, there are limited takeaways when there’s a giant talent gap between the teams. But here are three things from tonight’s game. Baylor will have a tougher test at noon on Saturday when it takes on Stanford in Waco.

Four Things:

1) Matthew Mayer’s defense and intensity were impressive- While Mayer’s shot wasn’t on tonight, he was active defensively. Baylor built a giant first half lead, and Mayer dove for the ball twice near the sidelines. With the game well in hand, Mayer went for it. In the second half, he went into a few passing lanes as well.

2) LJ Cryer is a bucket- He finished with 20 point on 15 shots. Baylor ran him off a series of screens early in the second half, and Cryer got it going. He’s been aggressive looking for his shot early in the campaign. That bodes well for conference play.

3) The 3-point shooting will have to improve, but it’s not a pronounced concern right now- Baylor started 5-of-21 from deep before the last media timeout. We know that Mayer, Cryer, James Akinjo and Adam Flagler—he sat out the second half well dealing with his hand injury, it appears—can all shoot 40% from deep. But it’d be nice if Jeremy Sochan could be a 35% plus guy on a high volume. Teams will pack the paint against the Bears, and if that happens, it will get tougher for Kendall Brown to drive, and for the guards to do as much.

4) Akinjo looked more comfortable- Early in the season, we take away too much from a small sample size. After Akinjo wasn’t consistent in his first two outings, Baylor wanted to get him going before Stanford. He finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds. He also went 2-of-2 from deep.