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Sad to Announce: Kendall Kaut and Travis Roeder are Leaving ODB on November 30th

All good things come to an end

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After five and a half years, Kendall Kaut will step down as editor-in-chief of Our Daily Bears on November 30.

Travis Roeder’s last day will also be November 30. He’s provided detailed football coverage over the last several years.

This isn’t an easy place to leave. Kendall will have a longer post on his last day going over how much everything has meant here. Mark, Peter, Matt, Michael, Dex, Fank, Elliot, Greg and Fielding have been an excellent team to work with. Kendall will especially miss the podcast with David (we’ll have our final one next week). Mark has built a wonderful site, and it will remain a wonderful site after we’re gone.

We’re going to both keep writing and covering Baylor, but for now, it’s appropriate to announce we’re leaving. There is literally nothing Mark or anyone with the site did to make us change our plans. This all came together very quickly, and we felt like the move is the best for the two of us. We’ll have more on that later.

For now, it’s appropriate to say this place has been wonderful. Over the next two weeks, we’ll have additional content at ODB. When we each hit publish here for the last time, we’ll almost assuredly both cry. So many opportunities opened up because of what happened here. But more importantly, the experience itself of covering big games and the people we met and interacted with in the comments and elsewhere were truly amazing.

We’ll continue to be readers and consumers of ODB. We don’t know who will lead ODB next, but hopefully someone in the above paragraph will take over. That will be up to SB Nation.

Thank you all for reading and consuming our content over the years. You all are truly the best.