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Why Baylor Only Dropped 1 Spot In the Latest CFP Poll

And what it means for the rest of our season.

Watching the CFP reveal show last night, I had already resigned myself that we would be ranked somewhere between 18 to 21. When they passed those groupings and there was no Baylor on the board, I became both hopeful that maybe we had been ranked higher or fearful they dropped us off totally which would have been

Then it happened, my deepest fear was laid to rest and the CFP ranking board showed that Baylor had only dropped one spot to #13. When I saw this I was both shocked and relieved!

This is just another example of the absurdity of trying to figure out how the CFP committee ranks teams. Is it the eye test? Strength of schedule? Best win? Best loss? Lunar cycles and the equinox of the moon? What particular members had for breakfast that morning? Who knows?


How did the committee come to the conclusion that after being beaten by a 3-5 TCU team, we should only drop one spot? I wish there were a clear cut and rational answer, but

There is no rhyme or reason as to the “how”, so allow me to give you theoretical “why’s” that it happened. In my little conspiracy theory mind I can see 3 different scenarios that might have taken place with the committee behind the closed doors of the Gaylord:

#1 - Let’s prop up OU so they can have a win against a top 15 team. Of course this is assuming that OU wins, but the committee will always support and gamble on the blue bloods. At the end of the day an undefeated OU is what the committee wants in the playoff. They are going to make sure that OU plays at least 2 top 15 teams. And if ISU beats Tech, I betcha a dollar to a donut (as my grandma used to say) that they will be in the top 25. Regardless, we’re happy to be viewed as a crutch this week going into the beat down we give them on Saturday.

#2 - TCU was Baylor’s quality loss. To explain this, all I can say is

#3 - Baylor is now a blue blood program. If you compare us to UT, then yeah, I can see it. Otherwise

I’m pretty sure that for most Baylor fans we don’t care as to the reasoning behind the ranking, just glad to be at #13. This puts us in a great spot finishing out the season. Even though the playoff isn’t in the mix, we still have a shot at finishing the season with a top 10 ranking and good bowl game. To the CFP committee, I would like to say a heartfelt

To sum it up

As always, I will be dropping BNT’s keys to the OU game and Bold prediction on twitter @BearNTex this Friday.