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Baylor Calls for Gold-Out at Sugar Bowl

People have divided opinions on what constitutes gold. It doesn’t matter. Baylor wants you in it for the Sugar Bowl. Who are we to say no?

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps in response to Ole Miss encouraging their fans to wear red to the Sugar Bowl yesterday, or perhaps seeing just how incredible all those Oklahoma State fans looked in orange last Saturday (it was freaking incredible), Baylor called today for their fans attending the Sugar Bowl to wear gold. Because it pops on television waaaaaaay better than green. And definitely to annoy you. Yes, you personally and specifically. Here’s what they said:

We tried this against Iowa State to mixed results. I put some of my thoughts down on the blog after that game, and expressed some thoughts about how to get it done. We’re trying it again, and we’ve got some lead time. And oh yeah, a major holiday where YOU GIVE GIFTS TO ONE ANOTHER THAT COULD INCLUDE A GOLD SHIRT.

Availability was a concern last time, but that was on incredibly short notice. There’s good news! While it appears that the Bookstore’s selection is fairly limited at the moment, other spots have you covered, from Rally House to SicEm 365’s store. And then there’s also word that more official gold merch will be available soon through Baylor itself:

Shortly after Ms. Overshown sent this tweet, David Kaye let us know about this online-only hoodie offering:

So, look. I know it’s nobody’s favorite shade or color. The fanbase is sharply divided on what constitutes “gold” these days. Nevermind the fact that the colors were chosen when one student on the committee “was struck by the beautiful green fields covered with thousands of spring dandelions.” Last I checked, dandelions aren’t the metallic color of gold. Set aside the fact that the color absolutely does not go with your complexion. It doesn’t mine either. That’s all beside the point.

We’re not trying to look fabulous when we pick up the gold gear. We do it because our school asked us to. We do it because a sea of gold looks freaking amazing on television. Just ask the ‘Pokes about that electric orange.

Take one for the team. Get your gold gear. You’ve got plenty of time.