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2021 Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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It’s Official: #7 Baylor vs. #8 Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl on January 1

Baylor is headed back for the second time in three years to face Ole Miss from the SEC.

By virtue of yesterday’s thrilling win in the Big 12 Championship Game over Oklahoma State, the Baylor Bears are headed back to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana for the second time in three years to face Ole Miss, who made the game by virtue of Georgia and Alabama being given spots in the CFB Playoff. Here’s the official announcement from Baylor:

I’ve been asked a few questions on Twitter about how to get tickets, and the short answer is that I have no idea. I assume the Bear Foundation has or will have tickets available because they typically do for bowl games, and Baylor will have an allotment that they can make sell, but I don’t know that part for sure. Obviously the major ticket resellers (SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, etc.) will have tickets, but I would probably wait a few days as fans of someone like, I don’t know, Alabama that may not have expected to be there unload theirs.

As far as rankings go, you’ll probably note that Baylor’s graphic above lists us as #6, but we were ranked #7 according to the completely crooked CFB Playoff Committee. I enjoy that they haven’t corrected it yet and don’t seem inclined to do so, and I accept this as my reality.

As disappointing as the number (7) might feel, this result given everything that has happened over the last two-three seasons is anything but. Baylor went 2-7 last year and had one of the worst offenses in the country. We were picked 8th in the Big 12 Conference by the media coming in, and that was probably not a crazy pick. Then we responded by going 11-2 with a Big 12 Championship Game victory, earning ourselves a NY6 bowl and a chance to beat a SEC school. This is amazing, I could not be more proud of these guys, and though I probably won’t get a chance to attend (we might have a baby literally any day now), I hope that if you can, you do. Just ask all those that made the last Sugar Bowl against Georgia how much fun it was, even if the game didn’t turn out like we hoped.

We’ll have more information going forward about this game, how to get tickets, the matchup, etc., but for now, congrats to the Baylor Bears on another Sugar Bowl!

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