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Baylor Releases Depth Chart vs LA Tech

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Game Week

Game week means the release of a depth chart. In the age of COVID, things are going to be more fluid than usual. Here’s what it looks like vs LA Tech:

My Thoughts

  • COVID is apparent. We will get more info during the press conference, but several would-be starters are missing, namely Xavier Newman at C*, Gabe Hall at DE, Rob Saulin at DL and Matt Jones at MLB. I think Mose Jeffery is probably also out, since he is not listed anywhere on the OL. It is important to remember that even though it is COVID time, this is still football and there are lots of physical injuries as well. Any one of these guys could just be physically injured. *Newman is out for one game with a suspension.
  • Ashton Logan over William Bradley-King. I think this portends that Baylor wants ultimate versatility out of the JACK position. WBK is a very talented pass rusher, but from when I reviewed from his Arkansas State film he was rather limited in coverage, he is more of a straight line athlete. Logan is a former high school safety who never had it click as an inside linebacker. He gives Baylor a lot of versatility, expect to see him dropping into coverage quite a bit.
  • Josh Landry as starting Nose Tackle. The presumed starter at this position was Chidi. Landry is shorter and quicker, he plays with really heavy hands. He was MIA under Rhule because he didn’t really fit at any of the 3 DL spots, but he can be good as a 1-gapping quick NT. I’ve always thought that Chidi was more of an edge player.
  • McVea as a safety. Previously, McVea has been listed at STAR and been discussed there. In my initial prediction articles, I figured him for safety. He is listed as JT Woods’ backup. I think he will be the primary guy to come in on passing downs to play man over inside receivers.
  • Al Walcott at STAR. Listed behind Jalen Pitre is new junior college transfer Al Walcott. I mentioned in my review of him when he signed that he could play anywhere from CB, safety, to STAR. He brings more coverage ability than Pitre, he will play a lot against teams that use more WRs.
  • Defensive Line Depth. The DL depth is extremely thin. Gabe Hall is noticeably absent at DE. I think this makes it more and more likely that Baylor is headed for a 2 or 1 DL system. My biggest worry on the entire team is whether the young DL can hold their own. I think you’ll see a ton of PESO from Baylor with 2 DL. then you can have Logan and WBK as your two DEs.