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Saturday 9/26 Picks

Regression is coming!

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

I went 5-3 ATS in the first week. I don’t gamble, and I’m certainly not advising anyone to bet these picks. But I’m just throwing out how I view the lines.

Louisville -3 v. Pitt- I don’t trust either of these teams. I trust Pitt less.

Miami -11 v. Florida State- The Seminoles have a long way to turn things around.

Florida -14 v. Ole Miss- Lane Kiffin needs time to compete against Florida.

Auburn v. Kentucky +7.5- I’m never sure if this is a year Gus Mahlzahn wins a lot of games and grabs an extension, or if Auburn finds the money to buy him out. I’m thinking this will be his last year.

Georgia -28 v. Arkansas- Arkansas has the largest non-Kansas climb of a power five school. The Dawgs crush.

Alabama -28.5 v. Missouri- The Tigers should have quite a few guys out. Maybe Alabama does too, so that’s another reason to tread carefully this season.

Texas A&M -30.5 v. Vanderbilt- Texas A&M is the country’s premiere September program. I never doubt the Aggies when it doesn’t count.

Tennessee v. South Carolina +3.5- The Vols are recruiting like crazy, but they seem a year away.

Oklahoma v. Kansas State +28- The Sooners win easily. 28 feels like a lot though.

Iowa State v. TCU +3- The Horned Frogs have their QB, and the Cyclones are frauds.

Texas -17.5 v. Texas Tech- While I’m not sold on Texas, Texas Tech was abysmal in week one.

Oklahoma State v. West Virginia +6.5- Give me the Mountaineers to win.

Baylor -17 v. Kansas- The Bears roll.