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Baylor Football

Wow, it’s finally here! We will actually be playing football this Saturday at McLane. With that being said, it’s time to dust off the ol’ key board and make my annual season prediction. If you’re curious as to how it turned out last year you can click here.

Our schedule has been scaled down from 12 games to our 9 conference + 1 non conference games. So, how are we going to do?

UH Coogs are going to come in with high aspirations, but in the end fall short. Too much fire power from our O and although growing, the D will do just fine against what will probably be a weak UH run game. Chalk up Aranda’s first Baylor and Head Coaching career win.

Bears 1-0

Kansas comes into town the next weekend. One would think that in year 2 of the Mad Hatter’s regime (Les Miles), the program would take a step forward. After last weekend’s horrific performance against the mighty Coastal Carolina Roosters, it is pretty obvious that KU is gonna KU in football (unless you’re Texas or TCU). This game should be a runaway and they’ll wish they could click their ruby red cleats together and go home by the 2nd half.

Bears 2-0

Our first road game will be against West Virginia. Even with a good performance last weekend, I still think they have some more rebuilding to do. The Mountaineers will think they have prime possum, I mean Bear, and end up with a skunk ruining their couch burning party. Stinker for the ‘neers and a win for our Bears.

Bears 3-0

Oklahoma State will roll into Waco looking to avenge the lopsided loss from last year at Boone Pickens. They definitely have the talent to pull it off, but Gundy and company seem to be snake bit at McLane. I expect a true old western shootout at McLane, but we the top gunslinger (my opinion) in the Big 12. Charlie will have a big day. Bon appetite and enjoy the Baylor victory.

Bears 4-0

We go on the road to Austin and face the mighty (on paper) ‘Horns. They did what they should have against a pathetic UTEP team. Having said that, I’m still not sold. It will be a close game, but Charlie and company will find a way to corral the Longhorns. Yes, the Longhorns will be back...back to their second job after we are done with them.

Bears 5-0

I’m really looking forward to having TCU at home. We will win as we have a top flight QB and they don’t. TCU will still be trying to find their offensive identity and our O will be hitting on all cylinders. Oh, and we’ll also win because sweaty Patterson is a despicable human being. If that’s not enough, his fan base protects him. Bears win in a mini blow out. What does Patty dream about at night? The Bears of course as we live rent free in his head.

Bears 6-0

Now we travel to Ames and enjoy some of the most refreshing water on the planet. It’s good for us that their football team doesn’t match. What an eye opening game last week. It’s obvious that the ‘Clones will have trouble with our speed, our man coverage, and our all around team. No tent gate controversy this season as we come away with another win. Top 25 contender will end up the season more like this:

Bears 7-0

For the first time in 11 years we will be going back to Lubbock. Although they’re pretty good at flinging tortillas, the Red Raiders are in trouble as the HBU (that’s Houston Baptist) QB exposed them. We’ll roll out of Lubbock with a win and a stack of tortillas. The Raiders just thought they experienced an air raid against HBU. Charlie and Co. will look like

Bears 8-0

Next up will be Kansas State. This is another program that will take a step back as they don’t have the athletes or the speed to keep pace in the Big 12. Another cat team going down to our Bears. Our speed will confuse them.

Bears 9-0

Last, but not least we will come down to the OU game to decide the regular season conference champion. I wish I could predict a different outcome than I did last year, but their offense is elite and their new QB Rattler is the real deal. Charlie will keep us in the game, but the OU D will make the stops when needed. We need a couple of years for our D to develop into an elite group. The good news for the OU fans is that we will be playing in Norman and they won’t have to see this on the McLane score board like they did last season lol. I find it even funnier that they were upset with us for showing it. Um, didn’t it happen at a Norman home game? Maybe they should be upset with their own Athletic Department. Just sayin’.

Bears 9-1

Enjoy the season and as always, have fun!