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I Discovered Baylor’s Pre-Fall Depth Chart ... Here Are Some Notes

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I was doing some digging, and lo and behold I found Baylor’s pre-fall depth chart in the 2020 media almanac. It was uploaded on 7/28, so there’s no practice input here. Only off-season workouts and other team activities.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release, less for which guys are listed as starters and more for how they organize the depth chart. With no spring practice, you can’t take too much (though you can take some) from who is listed as a starter; indeed, I suspect much of this has changed in the weeks since fall camp has started. I’m instead interested in the positions listed, as they give you a general idea for what the Baylor coaches are thinking as far as a base offense and defense.

Here’s the depth chart:

  • The defense looks like a standard base that Aranda and Roberts have used the past few years. Whether that is a true tite front or whether the field end is playing as a 5-tech I’m not sure, but it looks like the base this year is something like this:
  • At STAR, Pitre is the “bigger” option who is more skilled at playing around the line of scrimmage. Both of his backups are defensive backs with Jairon McVea and Brandon White. This makes me happy, as I think we need to see a more coverage oriented player there this year.
  • This was before Dillon Doyle was granted eligibility, expect him to be starting as the WLB. With Doyle being eligible, I think you’ll see Matt Jones as the primary backup at several different positions.
  • I like seeing RJ Sneed as an outside receiver. He played inside under the old staff, but they were running into a logjam with Fleeks, Holmes, and Sneed all there. Sneed isn’t going to be as much of a deep threat as the other outside receiver options, but he gives them a lot else. Expect a lot of quick game in 2020.
  • Christian Morgan and JT Woods are the starting safeties, I expect them to be backed up by Al Walcott and Will Williams by the start of the season.
  • Seeing Davis DiVall as the backup LT is very interesting. Most prognosticators had him as a guard coming in. Baylor needs tackle help in a bad way.
  • The starting OL is going to be pretty fluid. Here is what it was the other day:
  • While listed as the backup on the depth chart, I expect Xavier Newman to be the starting C come opening day. He’s been praised by the staff recently and is a good player. It is interesting to see that Jason Moore was listed as his backup. He can play any position on the line, really.