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Let The College Football Countdown Begin

NCAA FOOTBALL: AUG 31 SMU at Baylor Photo by John Rivera/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With less than 100 days until the college football season kicks off and the recent momentum with the possibility of the sport taking place, now seems like a good time to generate some excitement for the upcoming season. Below are some of my “do’s and don’ts” in order to survive the summer.

Do read Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine. Back before widespread use of the internet or social media this publication was the quintessential need for every football fan in the state. Now, though team information is more readily available more than ever, the tradition of getting your copy and thumbing through all the predictions is still fulfilling.

Do listen to as many player, coach, or beat writer preseason interviews as you can. In the age of podcasts this is easier than ever. In my opinion, the more local and regional to your team the better. Heartland College Sports does some great work for the Big 12 conference. It’s even better to listen to when you are working out or doing chores around the house. One can only listen to Thunderstruck so many times before it’s no longer motivating.

And do watch old games if you have the time. Thankfully, games are edited online and one can get through a game in an hour and a half.

But beware of the overdone hype videos. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Baylor or college football hype video, but some of my pet peeves include, too much movie theatrics, bad music, and watching highlights from players that won’t be on the team the upcoming year.

I’ve always been a June-August college football countdown guy. A January-August countdown is too long and there are too many other sports going. An August to season opener countdown leaves for too much dead time and missed opportunities. So since the countdown is getting ready to officially begin, I anticipate publishing more in-depth football articles on the players, coaches, and Big 12 conference.