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Virtual NCAA Tournament Second Round #1 Baylor vs. #9 Indiana - via @redditCBB

These Bears are SIMply amazing!

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who tuned into the first round game of this simulated NCAA tournament know that it was a wildly fun time as 1 seed Baylor defeated 16 seed Boston. Now, after the crew running this tournament have resolved some technical hiccups, we’re back on track with 1 seed Baylor taking on 9 seed Indiana.

You can watch this game live at 7:00 PM CT on this YouTube channel.

For those who missed the last game thread and are wondering what the heck this is, I gave a more in depth explanation of what this is here. You can also read this thread on Reddit which provides and explanation, FAQs, the bracket, etc. Basically, since March Madness was cancelled this year, these people are simulating the NCAA tournament with updated rosters on the video game College Hoops 2k8 and then premiering the games live on YouTube for everyone to watch and cheer for together. The chat is a blast and we even have two, actually human live commentators for this game, something the tournament coordinators are starting to experiment with. There’s even official betting you can get in on with this tournament if that’s your style.

Baylor won its first game pretty handily against Boston. They now face Indiana, who beat 8 seed USC by 8 points. Digital Baylor seems particularly well suited to make a deep run, especially since Mark Vital was NAILING three pointers in the first game. If he keeps that up, the digital Hoosiers are in for a beating that ought to launch Baylor to the Sweet Sixteen.

76-63 Baylor