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Summer 2020 Could Be A Sports Fan’s Dream

Denver Nuggets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

While the sports world is on hold this springtime, there is still some hope that events will be back on when summer rolls around. As of today, the NBA, NHL, MLB, and PGA are all on hold, though fans still have hope that they will resume in the summer. That could be good news for the casual fan. If you’re like me the speed of the summertime has a lot to do with how well your favorite MLB team is doing. And as a lifelong Texas Rangers fan, I have had my share of long summers, and it can get particularly rough in late July or August. But what if there were still exciting sports going on to help keep the attention of the fans of struggling MLB teams?

I’ve often said and have heard it repeated that the summertime has room for more sports. I read one article (NBC Sports) where it was theorized that some NHL players would want a playoff in August. This is something that should have been done a long time ago. I’ve never understood why the NHL and NBA have their playoffs around the same time. I for one would love to have them spaced out and not have to switch back in forth. It almost feels wrong for Hockey, a winter sport, to have its playoffs in the dead of the summer, but would really be that much different than playing the Stanley Cup in late spring? To me, a summer where the NBA playoffs ended in mid-July and the NHL played championship hockey in August would be perfect.

Imagine a summer where sports fans could keep up with all 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL) major sports during a 3-month span? And it wouldn’t just be early season games as it is in the fall when the NBA starts up in the late fall, but instead championship games close together. In addition, news broke this week that the 2020 Olympic games are still scheduled to go as planned late this summer. Combined with the PGA Tour’s Major championships, and it could be a fun summer for sports fans.

Who knows whether any of this will come to fruition? I am certainly no scientist or medical expert. All I can do is hope that by summer life can be somewhat normal and sports leagues will resume in the coming months. Though I don’t always agree with what Colin Cowherd says, I did think he was correct when he said its time for leagues to “experiment” this summer. The MLB has had major control of the summer sports market, but maybe that can change in the future.