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CBS Reports: Baylor Hearing with NCAA Infractions Panel Set for April

Dennis Dodd of CBS reports

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports reports:

An April hearing date has been set between Baylor and the NCAA infractions panel as it continues to decide the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the football program, sources tell CBS Sports. The case dates back to the Baylor sexual assault scandal that came to light in May 2016.

We know very little about how this will all go. Dodd notes that the Star-Telegram previously mentioned Baylor was hit with a lack of institutional control charge. That penalty could include vacated wins for the Briles era teams and a loss of either or both Big 12 titles.

We’ll see how Baylor responds. As Dodd notes, Baylor fired Briles and Ken Starr. Even without a show cause penalty against Briles, he seems too toxic to get an NCAA job.

The biggest on field question for Baylor will be if the football team faces any future penalties. This is the fifth season since Briles coached at Baylor. Nobody from that era is on the team. But we don’t know exactly what the NCAA will say makes up the lack of institutional control charge, and they could say things were bad enough under Briles that Baylor should have future penalties, including a loss of scholarships or a postseason ban.