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National Signing Day Thread

The Final National Signing Day

College football has moved to two separate signing days; one in December, one in February. It used to be that the only signing day was February, but with the introduction of the December signing period a few years back, the vast majority of players sign in the early period, as I discuss in our December thread here.

That doesn’t mean that the February period is fruitless, however. Baylor has signed some significant prospects in this later period over the past few years, including Garmon Randolph. Generally the guys who wait to sign in December are late-rising types who could have signed with a “lesser” school earlier, but elected to bet on themselves gain more traction.

Expectations for Baylor

Baylor’s 2020 is small due to few departing seniors and other attrition from the program. This means that while most classes around the country are signing 20-25 guys, Baylor will likely be closer to 16 or 17. They already signed 12 in December, meaning they will most likely take 4 or 5 more guys in this next period. Here are the guys they have already signed:

Furthermore, Baylor already has 3 committed prospects expected to sign today, and probably more if you read the tea-leaves of coaches tweeting out excited gifs. Those three commits that we know of are:

Blake Shapen, QB. Shreveport, LA.

Micah Mazzccua, OL, Baltimore, MD.

Chateau Reed, ATH. Lawton, OK.

Once again, expect a few more beyond this. I’ll update this thread as we go along.

The first new commit and signee of the day of Mike Harris, a safety from Alabama. He has terrific testing numbers with a 4.52 forty, a 4.23 shuttle, and 34.9 inch vertical.

The second new commit is from JUCO safety Alfahiym Walcott, originally from North Carolina.


I’ll begin working on my evaluations of each prospect as soon as they officially sign. I’ve done this over the past few years and been pretty happy with how things have turned out. Look out for those in the near future.

In the meantime, post any questions or comments you have below and I’ll be happy to banter back and forth and/or give my opinion on guys.