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12-5-20: Other Games Thread

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure how much traction this thread will get with all that is going on in Baylor athletics today. Still, there are some interesting games to watch this weekend.

1.) Texas A&M vs. Auburn - It’s the last big test for this Aggie football team. Set to kick off at 11:00 AM on ESPN.

2.) Iowa State vs. West Virginia - I’m going to give the nod to the Big 12 in the late afternoon time window. Once again its pretty light, but all eyes will be on the Cyclones as they take one more step to capturing their first conference title in over 100 years. Scheduled for 2:30 on ESPN.

3.) Alabama vs. LSU - It won’t be as hyped of a game as in 2019, but there’s still something about that evening CBS game that makes it fun to watch.