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Baylor QB Charlie Brewer Announces He Will Enter the Transfer Portal

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

After being Baylor’s starting QB for the better part of 4 seasons, Charlie Brewer announced that he intends to transfer.

Fans will undoubtedly remember Brewer as one of the toughest dudes they’ve ever seen put on a Baylor uniform. Taking the reins midway through 2017 behind an atrocious OL, Brewer sustained a monumental beating over his 4 years as Baylor’s QB and always got up again. While not a physically imposing player, he loved to get physical in the running game and was a fiery competitor. He’s easily the toughest QB I’ve ever seen play.

After getting the starting job in 2017 when the team went 1-11, fans will always remember him as the guy who led the team from 1-11 to a Sugar Bowl. At his best, Brewer was one of the better QBs in college football, PFF had him 5th in the nation for his 2018 effort.

As doesn’t need much repeating here, things just didn’t work out in the latter half of 2019 and all of 2020. Where the blame goes has been a hot topic among Baylor fans. What is unquestionable is that the 2020 Baylor offense was dysfunctional and needed significant change heading into 2021, whether that be scheme design or personnel.

Ultimately, I believe this was the best decision for both parties. Brewer can get a fresh start somewhere while Baylor tries to find a QB who can execute the system that Fedora and Munoz want to run. While this is an inauspicious end to an enigmatic career, I think I can safely speak on behalf of all Baylor fans in saying thank you Charlie for laying it on the line for Baylor football, and best of luck to you.