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11/26-11/28: Other Games Thread (College & Pro)

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is shaping up to produce a lot of solid football games. I never do this, but I think it’s best to include both the pro and college games. It might look a little different around the table this year, but at least the games should be fun.


Dallas vs. Washington - Somehow this game matters and I couldn’t be more excited for it. The winner will have sole possession of 1st place in the NFC East. Kick will be at 3:30 CST on FOX

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh - Another divisional game that has playoff implications. I expect high ratings for the 7:20 PM Kick on NBC


Texas vs. Iowa State - This is a monumental game for both programs. The Cyclones still have high hopes of capturing their first conference title in over 100 years, while Texas looks to return to Arlington as well. The Longhorns have only the Kansas schools left on their schedule after this game.

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame - This game will directly follow the Texas/Iowa State game. Notre Dame has the best win in college football and now will have to prove itself on the road.


Auburn vs. Alabama - Let’s hope it will be as entertaining as last years game.