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The Baylor Tight-End Position Group Has Been A Pleasant Surprise

NCAA Football: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thanksgiving week and that means finding things to be grateful for. When it comes to Baylor football, specifically the offense, there hasn’t been too much to brag about this season. But there is one position group that has exceeded expectations.

In virtually all important categories the Baylor tight-end group has already statistically outperformed their 2019 numbers, even with 3 games left to play and a shortened season. The tight-end position has doubled the number of receptions and has accounted for 4 TDs, easily beating the 0 TD number posted from a year prior. However, possibly the most impressive aspect is in the way they are putting up these statistics. As fans we are seeing more versatility from the group than in the recent past. It hasn’t been just your typical 5-yd out routes or check downs. I’ve witnessed the TEs catching balls inside and outside the numbers, running skinny posts, and showing their athleticism by making tip-toe catches.

Doing the vast majority of the workload is Ben Sims and Drake Dabney; two younger players that have made the most of their opportunity. And that is not to be a knock on junior TE, Christoph Henle, who has also made some key blocks this year. Henle was put in a tough spot the past 2 years. He was thrown into the fire as a true freshman and performed admirably. Now, with more help at the position the group is starting to thrive.

I’m hoping that what we are seeing in 2020 from the TE position will become the new norm for Baylor football. At times it has been a forgotten position, but my hope is that this 2020 group is setting the floor for the expectations in coming years.