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Saturday 10/3 Picks

Don’t bet these

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I’m 9-11 against the spread, so time to fade the picks.

I don’t bet these, so take this for whatever limited value you want.

Baylor -3 v. West Virginia- The return of three offensive line starters leads to a Baylor victory.

Texas v. TCU +10- That line feels too large for Texas. I think TCU, when they have the QB situation filled out, might be decent.

Florida v. South Carolina +22- This is a lot of points in the COVID-19 season.

Tennessee v. Missouri +11.5- Why is Tennessee favored by 11.5? They’ve won a million close games.

Oklahoma State -23 v. Kansas- The Cowboys finally have a good offensive week.

Alabama v. Texas A&M +18- This feels like a moral victory for the Aggies.

Kansas State -2.5 v. Texas Tech- I’d avoid this game, but I think Kansas State is better than Texas Tech, so give me the Wildcats.

Oklahoma -7.5 v. Iowa State- Lincoln Riley has the Sooners ready to roll.

Georgia v. Auburn +7.5- I’m shocked this line is this high. I’ll take Auburn straight up.

LSU -21 v. Vanderbilt- Maybe LSU will play defense this week.