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Football, UT, WVU

Weekend before last was brutal for the Bears as we lost a game that we just as easily (probably should have) won. WVU and BU defenses were both outstanding. Conversely, both offenses were equally bad. Do we really need to get into Special Teams play? And if the refs hadn’t interjected themselves, we definitely would have won.

Before we get into the gifs, I met some players Ben Sims, Jackson Kimble, and Griffin Speaks as they came over after getting back from Morganstown to support fellow player and friend Colby Delashaw. Colby had ACL surgery the Friday before the game and being friends with is mom and dad, I opened up my vacation rental (a cool Chip and Joanna Fixer Upper done on the show) for him to do his initial resting before beginning rehab. Great family. As for the players, I was very impressed as they seemed grounded and sharp. In cases you’re wondering, I’m the guy on the left.

The game can be pretty much summarized like this:

When you watched our offensive line you saw

When you watched our defense you saw

When you watched our field goal attempts you saw

When the refs blew the 4th down touchdown call that would have given us the win in regulation you saw

As I said, as poorly as we played on offense we still could have and probably should have won that game. But, on to tomorrow...3 reasons we beat UT.

  1. Our biggest concern will be the offensive line. WVU was a tough one for several reasons. We faced the best defensive line in the Big 12, which will give everyone fits. Our line barely had a week to practice together. They should have a better rhythm this week. And a big question is why was Burton at guard instead of tackle? I was told that having come in a little over his playing weight, they slid him to guard for that game. This will be rectified and he will return to form.
  2. Our defense. HOLY COW...I mean BEAR! Who would have though this would be our strength once again. In fact, we may have improved at linebacker and are pretty good at edge rusher. Bernard once again is proving to be not only the dominate force on our team, but also in the Big 12. Along with that, I’m excited to see King and Logan get after Ehlinger. The Secondary should have a pick or two as Sam is known to have some mental errors during games.
  3. Charlie. Yes, I think Charlie will be a positive factor. Watching his interview this week he seemed laser focused. He took the WVU loss personally and has extra incentive to beat Sam (who has yet to beat Charlie). I see him playing with confidence and managing the game well.

BNT’s Prediction

Baylor 31 UT 28