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The much anticipated debut for Dave Aranda was pretty dad gum good. We dominated on both sides (even with 3 OL starters out) of the ball and well, our special teams are still special...maybe more so than last year. It was fun doing a little tailgating (sailgating isn’t happening) as I was welcomed to the great feast and friendship of Hobbie and Krista Howell:

I dropped by the SicEm 365 tailgate and got to hang out for a little bit with one of the owners and insightful contributor (particularly regarding BU men’s basketball), that suave and debonair Ashley Hodge. Seriously, great guy and he was gracious enough to offer me a beverage. Yes, I accepted. Um, he does need to do a little work on his Bear Claw...j/k:

Some fun pics from the game (before I get into the game in gifs):

BUGWB was socially distanced and had their horns masked, but still sounded amazing!

Socially distanced coin flip...oh, the irony:

Fan of the game:

Now for the game:

When you heard Friday that we WOULD play on Saturday as the team was cleared:

Watching the first kickoff of the season:

When Kansas scored first:

Then we took control of the game with Tristan Ebner leading the way on offense (incredible day). How the KU defense felt chasing Tristan all day:

and Terrell Bernard leading the way on defense as he literally trucked KU’s offense:

Texas and TCU seeing that we once again took care of business against Kansas and they still have to play them lol:

Now for the WVU prediction. I feel good about going to Morgantown this year. WVU is 1-1 and they do have some talent, but we have some things in our favor. Let me count the ways:

  1. This cannot be over emphasized. WVU will not have any fans, thats right, there will be zero fans at the game. For the first time we won’t have to put up with those moon shine drinking, couch burning, vile hillbillies.
  2. Fedora will open up the offense, as it was obvious that it was plain vanilla last Saturday. We will take shots down the field on passing plays, but I expect some new wrinkles in our running game as well. Oh, did I also mention that we will have 3 starting offensive linemen back for this game that didn’t play against KU. That’s 3/5 of our OL for you math savants.
  3. Our special teams will continue to be special. If you really want to confuse WVU on kickoffs, put Sqwrl back there with Ebner. Then they couldn’t kick away, but would have to pick their poison.
  4. I was pleased to see how well our D played. KU got a TD and 13 of their total yardage during garbage time last Saturday. Our starting D and normal rotation continued the trend from last season of playing fast, swarming the ball, and hitting hard! Bernard is Bernard, so there is that, but the additions of William Bradley-King and Dillon Doyle will be huge assets.

WVU Prediction: