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Baylor Falls to Georgia In the Sugar Bowl

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Baylor Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The first half was largely a great disappointment for Baylor. They got off to a decent start, with the defense stifling Georgia on their first few drives, but eventually relented as the Baylor offense could not get anything going. The main issues were pass protection and Brewer uncharacteristically missing some easy short and medium throws. Brewer’s arm strength has waned with the season so when he is not accurate on the shorter stuff, it is tough for the passing game to do much of anything.

The second half was a much more even ballgame. Baylor scored on its opening possession, but Georgia soon answered and the 19-0 halftime deficit was too much to overcome.

The big story is QB Charlie Brewer, who went down with what looks to be another concussion which would put him at at least 3 or 4 in his Baylor career. Other football players have retired after as many. Knowing what we know about Charlie, you’ll have to pry his playing career out of his hands, but expect this to be a discussion point for the coming months.

Sometimes bowl games can be aberrations and misleading. But for Baylor this game was almost a perfect encapsulation of the 2019 season. An offense that sputters and goes anchored by a defense that is tough as nails. The defense was there mostly all game and was really only getting gashed when they were repeatedly put in bad positions by the offense.

For rabid Baylor fans, one’s attention now moves hurriedly to the status of head coach Matt Rhule, finishing out the recruiting class in February, and on to projecting the 2020 season. But take a moment to relish in what was a phenomenal season. It’s been repeated ad infinitum, but to go from where Baylor was to 11-3 in just a couple of years is remarkable. When Matt Rhule arrived at Baylor he promised that he would not only bring winning football back, but a team that the school and its alumni can be proud of. As college football becomes increasingly business-like and cynics like myself find less and less appealing about the sport, it is heartening to read and hear the stories from the young men who make Baylor football what it is. From the head coach to the walk-ons, Baylor football is something we can all take pride in. Go Bears.