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Running, Passing, Scoring, Tackling...Football Stuff

What a fun Saturday it was as Baylor did what they should have done, finally, and dominated an inferior opponent. Before we get to the gifs, I love giving a shoutout to the tailgates I crashed and the folks I ran into. Some I forgot to get a picture, so to you I must say

Too fun hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. PoppyBear and their group:

Also had some good food and drink(s) hanging out with MarkTBower, John, and their group:

Brad and Lisa Mac actually invited me to their tailgate...bless their hearts. It was great hanging out with them:

Always good to see my buddy, FamilyFirst or Joe F.:

And what a surprise to have none other than Elliot Coffey come by to say “hi”:

Bonus. Since Phil Snow and I go to the same place for our haircut, I took a picture to send to our stylist letting her know that it was time for Phil to get a trim:

Big day for our D!

Now for the SFA Game in Gifs.

Walking into McLane for the first time this season you were:

And when you saw the line rush the field:

When you wondered if our D would be improved, but saw us hold SFA to 2 consecutive 3 & outs to start the game you were:

Then it was the offenses turn to ease your mind and they promptly marched down the field to score on our first possession taking 1:34 minutes like Bears teams of the past, you were thinking:

Watching Ebner turn a 2 yard gain into a 21 yard touchdown was like watching:

Seeing RJ Sneed make that unbelievable touchdown catch by not only controlling the ball, but keeping one toe in bounds while doing it and hitting the pylon your reaction was:

Watching the Lynch guys (James and Blake) reek havoc on D was:

It had been so long since you’ve seen kickoffs consistently touched back, when Noah kept doing it you were:

Your mood leaving McLane after the game was like:

Now it’s your turn to add your thoughts in a gif. On to our next victory tomorrow as we #SicUTSA!