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Football, Tailgating, Houston, Humidity, and Stuff

It wasn’t pretty, but it’s sure fun to leave Htown with a W and move to 3-0 on the season. Seeing and meeting BU folk along with some strategic tailgating before the game made it even better.

Met these recent Baylor grads who were excited to attend their 1st game as an alumni! I remember those days just a few (cough, cough) years ago:

Always enjoy meeting up with ODB’s JDOso and Laurie (both of their birthdays) and their crew:

Bumped into ODB’s Big Bad Bear, Herb Cox:

Got to hang out with Curt Kaiser and ODB’s DadDingo for a while:

When I go to away games, I like to crash...I mean visiting opposing teams tailgates. Shoutout to the Owlcholics (I have no idea what that means), who gladly provided local craft beverages and incredible venison brats. Maybe they were trying to shut me up, but it was goood stuff!

Now for the game in Gif’s. Your mood going into the game a 28 pt favorite:

Many of BU’s fans after the tight 21-13 victory:

Your reaction to them:

Charlie Brewer’s play was once again

Clay Johnston to the Rice offense

When you watched 6th year player Chris Platt do his thing with a beautiful 50 yd TD reception, you were

Once again, our Defense was not nice to the Rice offense as we

Add yours or give feedback. Looking forward to our first Big 12 game of the season on Saturday. See ya there and I’ll be back here next week. Sic ISU!