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Football and Tailgating...Important Stuff Like That

Having witnessed another dominating performance by our Bears in unbearable heat, is giving me more confidence regarding my pre season Big 12 final rankings. Speaking of the heat, tailgating was still a blast but it was not as busy as usual. I’m predicting a bounce back with a massive tailgating/sailgating crowd for the ISU game. On Saturday it was good to see and meet fellow Bears, along with some of the enemy.

What fun to finally meet our ODB Basketball Podcast guru, David Hornbeak. I would like to state up front that he would LOVE to have me as a guest on the Basketball Podcast. The chicken wings were out of this world:

And his crew was just as fun:

The good folks at Chip’s Stump Tailgate taught me how to play “Stump”:

I think I’m getting the hang of it:

The name of this tailgate is self evident. Obviously I was drawn to it and the hospitality of the good BU folks:

Ran into the enemy at the Brad & Lisa Mac tailgate. I tried my best to teach them how to throw the Bear Claw, but they kept flashing hang ten for some reason...bless their hearts:

ODB’s Elliot Coffey (great seeing him) tried to get me on TV, but I stayed committed to remaining anonymous working behind the scenes “wink, wink”:

Now on to the game. What you were literally doing as you were waiting for the first kickoff:

UTSA, having manhandled the mighty ICW Cardinals the week before, thought they were going to have a nice day on the water at McLane. But, they quickly realized that it wouldn’t be so nice:

Chris Mims to Charlie Brewer after his first TD was like:

Grayland Arnolds Punt Return had you:

Then when you read on Twitter that the last time it happened Baylor won it’s 1st Big 12 Championship you were:

Even though the game was out of hand by the time true freshman Quanlan Jones ripped off a 61 yd touchdown, you still were:

Charlie Brewer’s removal of the game because his feet were burning on a too hot turf was a good precautionary measure by our coaches:

Our D was once again stifling:

Now it’s your turn to add some of your own gifs. I will be heading to Htown and have a Game In Gifs article after next weekend.