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Last Football Season in Gifs and BNT’s Bold Big 12 Prediction for this Season

Football, Gifs, and Season Prediction

We all know of the amazing turn around from 1-11 in 2017 to the right side of the ledger, 7-6 in 2018. To get ready for this season, let’s do a game by game review of 2018 in Gifs.

It began as just another day at the office, with a us beating down ACU 55-27:

Confidence was building as we handled UTSA in SA (San Antonio for you naturalized Texans) 37-20:

With high hopes of going 3-0 and entertaining Duke at home, we make a bit of comeback but ultimately fell 27-40:

Next, against the mighty (well, to UT and TCU that is) Jayhawks, we bounced back with a convincing 26-7 win:

Ok, I know it’s not a football related gif. But, it’s never too early to troll Bill Self and notice the the t-shirts that are behind him...mad respect for them. Just an early pre-season shout out to our legitimate Top 10 Men’s Basketball team.

After that game we experienced defeat again at the hands of OU 33-66. We weren’t doubting yet as the game was much closer than the score, but it was hard to take:

We rebounded from that with a solid and exciting victory over KSU 37-34, putting the bounce back in our fur...B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L:

Then we went on down to that den of iniquity and got beat by the refs at UT 17-23 (for the record, it was a touchdown regardless of what the refs said):

We had the biggest gut punch of the season losing in Morgantown to those Hillbillies 14-58, which made me:

With a must win game, Baylor made an incredible comeback and beat OSU in the last seconds 35-31 at home surviving a true battle:

Then the next week in Ames (where the water is fine), we lost a winnable game to the Cyclones 14-28. This meant that we now had to win at least one of the next two remaining games to be Bowl Eligible raising some concerns:

Against TCU, Patty worked his defensive magic once again as the gross frogs/patty(?) beat us 9-16. Which unfortunately for those of us in attendance we had to witness this celebration:

With the season on the line and backs against the wall (Tech facing the same scenario), our Bears did what they had to do and handle Texas Tech 35-24 making us Bowl Eligible once again. Finally!:

The icing on the cake was beating Vandy 45-38 in the Texas Bowl and getting us over the .500 mark for the season. Goodbye Commodores:

The question now is will we build upon the success of last season this season? Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, BNT’s bold prediction for this upcoming season:

SFA , UTSA, Rice - all WINS making us 3-0 out of the gate and flirting with top 25 status.

ISU - WIN as this will set the tone for the rest of the season for the winner (us). ISU will come into the game 3-0 as well. Although close, we will pull out the victory at home.

KSU, TT (welcome to your h***...I mean, McLane), and OSU will all be W’s.

Trick or Treat WVU as they will face a real nightmare on Halloween with Baylor WINNING.

Next up is TCU and I never want to see GP dancing again at our expense, so mark down the W for your Bears.

Our first stumble will be to OU at home as we take the LOSS. We will not be able to contain their running game.

I might as well lump Texas and KU in the same sentence, for reasons many of you would understand. Yes, 2 more WINS for the Bears.



We will play OU in the Big 12 Championship game. We might lose to one other team during the season, but I think 10-2 would put us in the Championship as well. So, that’s right! I said it! Going to the Big 12 ‘ship! Buckle up for a fun and entertaining season.

I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at McLane. Grab me and say “hi”. I love meeting my fellow ODB’ers and BU fans.