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The 2019 Home Schedule is the Most Exciting in Years

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 home football schedule is the most exciting slate of games since the round robin format began. Even though it starts out slow in non-conference play, the Big 12 games will give fans plenty of reasons to make a trip to Waco.

Oklahoma/Texas - It won’t be the first time that Texas and Oklahoma have played in Waco in the same year, but the anticipation does seem to be a bit more intense. Unlike in years past, both schools are predicted to be in the top tier of the conference. Both schools are coming off a year where they played in NY6 bowls, and have early Heisman favorites. By the time Oklahoma and Texas come to town we will know if the Bears are contenders or not, and if Baylor is to challenge for a Big 12 Title appearance, the games could have national implications.

Texas Tech - This one is self explanatory. It’s been over a decade since the red Raiders have come to town and even longer since they have been defeated by the Bears in Waco. In addition, it will be homecoming weekend. Instate rival, homecoming weekend, and getting a first look at the new head for Texas Tech; fans can’t ask for too much more than that.

West Virginia - Analysts don’t really know what to make of the Mountaineers in 2019. I’ve seen some predictions that have them as low as 9th in the conference, but regardless it should be a fun atmosphere in McLane Stadium. The game will be played on Halloween on a Thursday night, giving the Bears a chance to show out in front of a national audience.

Iowa State - The Iowa State Cyclones are the trendiest pick to crash the Texas/Oklahoma party this year; most commentators have them picked in the top 3 of the conference. And the game will be telling for the Bears as well. It’ll likely be the first big test of the year after a weaker non-conference schedule.

The 2019 home schedule includes everything a fan could ask for. Baylor will play host to the consensus top 3 preseason conference picks, welcome back an instate rival, and play a night game on Halloween. If Baylor is playing up to expectations there is no reason McLane Stadium shouldn’t be packed for every conference game.