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SB Nation Fan Pulse Top 25 Released; It’s Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

SB Nation’s sites each get a vote in our Fan Pulse poll. And it’s pretty similar to other rankings.

Baylor was not ranked in the poll. While there’s a case to rank Baylor, the Bears went 7-6 and still need to prove they’re ready to make the next step after an impressive six win improvement last season.

The only qualm I have with the poll is that Iowa State is overrated. I’m not buying the Cyclones. But I think Clemson and Alabama are the clear top two teams, and then Georgia’s recruiting probably warrants the No. 3 ranking, but man, they didn’t look too good against Texas in the bowl game.

We also know Texas A&M isn’t finishing the season ranked No. 11. They play Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and LSU. I’ll recognize a fake Texas A&M conference title if they manage to finish ranked 11th or better.

Our own poll had Baylor ranked No. 23. You can sign up here.